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TRIUMF Special Experiments Committee


As part of preparing for TRIUMF's next five-year plan, the TRIUMF director has convened a Special Experiment Evaluation Committee (SEEC) on subatomic physics to review and analyze several proposed initiatives in nuclear physics. The SEEC committee will review the physics case for the e-linac driver, the second proton beamline, and the ultracold-neutron source.

Talks presented at the meeting are available; see below (March 25, 2008).


  • Robert Tribble, Texas A&M Univ, Chair
  • Stuart Freedman, Univ of California at Berkeley
  • Paul Garrett, University of Guelp, Member of the EEC.
  • Chuck Horowitz, Indiana Univ
  • Christian Iliadis, Univ of North Carolina
  • Achim Richter, TU-Darmstadt
  • Peter Butler, Univ of Liverpool, Consultant
  • Carl Wieman, Univ of British Columbia, Consultant


The SEEC will meet March 24-26, 2008, at TRIUMF in Vancouver. There will be some public sessions. A final agenda for the meeting has been prepared.


Terms of Reference for the SEEC meeting have been prepared.

Review Materials

Presentations at the Meeting