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Life Sciences Division Safety Committee


The Life Sciences Division Safety Committee reviews documentation associated with safety regarding the approval, setup, execution, and clean-up of all experiments proposed within Life Sciences facilities or systems or the delivery of isotopes and/or radiopharmaceuticals for fulfilling divisional internal and external obligations. Reviews comprise safety analysis reports as well as safety approval documents. Experiments may be prioritized based on input from LSPEC and/or the TRIUMF commitments list.  The Committee reports to the ALD, Life Sciences.




Ken Buckley (Chair)

Project Manager (Nuclear Medicine)
Deputy ALD - Life Sciences Division

Conny Hoehr

Divisional Safety Officer (Research Scientist)

Qing Miao

RCA Labs Manager

Hua Yang

RCR Labs Manager

Dave Prevost

TR13 Operations Coordinator

Joe Mildenberger
Alternate: Max Kinakin                     

Group Leader, Radiation Protection / Health Physicist
Assistant Health Physicist

Jeff Whyte
Alternate: Sven Heilemann

BWXT (when required for RCR1)