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Nuclear Medicine Mission Statement

The mission of TRIUMF Nuclear medicine Division is to perform research and development for the production of radioisotopes with potential applications in physical and biomedical research, to prepare certain commercially unavailable radioisotopes for distribution to researchers, to design and synthesize radiotracers with optimal properties for imaging biological targets and to develop novel tracer imaging systems.

The program includes also projects making use of particles beams directly (like proton therapy, proton irradiations...)

In conjunction with this mission, the group also performs service irradiations and explores opportunities for new radioisotopes applications.

The program is focused very strongly on making use of the unique particle beams from the TRIUMF accelerators and of its radioisotope production facilities.

The group acts as a support group for the research community in the use of modern tools associated with the production and detection of radiotracers produced at TRIUMF and as a consulting team to potential commercial providers of isotopes or other such technologies as employed by the program, under TRIUMF licensing agreements.