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TRIUMF is owned and operated as a joint venture by a consortium of Canadian universities. The joint venture agreement constitutes a Board of Management to oversee TRIUMF.

TRIUMF Board of Management 

The TRIUMF Board of Management comprises membership from the Member and Joint Member Universities. It is responsible for the oversight, supervision and control of TRIUMF.

The Board typically meets twice a year while its standing committees meet quarterly. It maintains several standing committees for detailed monitoring of TRIUMF.

  • Safety & Security
  • Audit
  • Finance
  • Personnel & Administration
  • Governance

The duties of the Board include;

  • Setting the strategic direction for TRIUMF, and overseeing the development and implementation of the Five-Year Plans that are supported by the laboratory’s Contribution Agreements with the National Research Council
  • Ensuring that an effective management team is in place, including appointing TRIUMF’s Director and CEO
  • Confirming that major organizational risks are mitigated
  • Maintaining fiscal responsibility, and approving and monitoring annual budgets
  • Sustaining strong partnerships and communications with the various stakeholders that comprise the TRIUMF community and external parties
  • Appointing Associate Members of TRIUMF, as well as members of the various Board Committees including Audit, Finance, Personnel and Administration, Safety and Security and Governance

Membership has Advantages

TRIUMF is focused to deliver world-class science and maintain its international reputation, the laboratory relies on involvement and input from its members in setting the priorities of the research program. This involvement begins with the appointment on the Board of Management with voting privileges for the strategic direction of TRIUMF.  Membership in the TRIUMF consortium provides the opportunity not only to enhance the synergy between the laboratory and its member universities, but it also grants instant access to a network of international scientific leaders and decision-makers, cutting-edge research results and technology, and highly skilled technical and engineering support. Membership can also offer joint or reciprocal faculty appointments.

External Committees 

Advisory Committee on TRIUMF (ACOT)

The Advisory Committee on TRIUMF advises the National Research Council on all aspects of TRIUMF.

Agency Committee on TRIUMF (ACT)

The role of the Agency Committee on TRIUMF is to oversee the Government of Canada's investment in TRIUMF and the economic benefits derived from that investment, with a with a focus on management, financial, and commercialization matters. The Committee provides advice to elected officials and to the National Research Council on matters related to TRIUMF. The Committee  meets on an as-needed basis, and other federal organizations with an interest in TRIUMF may be invited to participate as required. 

Policy and Planning Advisory Committee (PPAC)

The Policy and Planning Advisory Committee (PPAC) advises the Director on scientific policy, and facilitates two-way communications with the research communities at the member universities.

Experimental Evaluation Committees

The Experimental Evaluation Committee's review and approve new and ongoing experiments.