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PET Research Engineer

As a PET Research Engineer, Ken Buckley is responsible for developing new infrastructure and capabilities for the Nuclear Medicine Division and supported programs. He received his B.Sc. in Physics from McMaster University in 1985, and came to TRIUMF the following year, working as an operator and then as a tomograph engineer with the PET group.  Over the years he has worked on many different projects, including the expansion to 3 tomographs at the UBC hospital, the development and operation of the TR-13 cyclotron facility for medical isotope production, and the improvement of PET tracer labelling equipment.
Ken Buckley
His work with the TR-13 cyclotron has been in close collaboration with the Pacific Parkinson’s Research Centre (PPRC), based at UBC Hospital.  PPRC uses the PET technology developed at TRIUMF as a major research tool to investigate the onset and progression of Parkinson’s disease.  The group relies on the medical isotopes produced by the TR-13 for its research.  Ken also established the infrastructure at the TR-13 for the British Columbia Cancer Agency to produce 18F labelled fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG), affecting the cancer treatment of more than 2000 patients per year.

In 2008, Ken helped organize the 12th International Workshop on Targetry and Target Chemistry in Seattle, WA.  The workshop is an opportunity for chemists, physicists, and technicians from around the world to share their expertise in radioisotope production.  He is a member of the Quality Management Implementation Panel and is the editor of “Quality Times”, TRIUMF's quality management newsletter.  Ken is currently building new radiochemistry laboratories to support a research collaboration between TRIUMF and MDS Nordion.