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Artists Seek Inspiration at TRIUMF

16 March 2010

Installation art has increasingly become a major contemporary art form, addressing non-traditional spaces with three-dimensional works designed to transform the perception of a space. Tomorrow, students from Professor Allyson Clay's Spatial Presentation: Installation Art class will be visiting from Simon Fraser University. They will bring along their sketchbooks and cameras as part of TRIUMF's Artist in Residence (AIR) program and then return to their studios to create the pieces. Professor Clay extends a warm invitation to all TRIUMF employees to visit the SFU studios to view the installation art created.

The AIR program allows for the experimental halls at TRIUMF to act as an inspiring setting for artists. Last October, students of Associate Professor Ingrid Koenig's Humanities 311 class: Black Holes and Other Transformations of Energy, from Emily Carr University of Art + Design, visited TRIUMF to gather ideas for a visual-arts project. The students returned to TRIUMF to showcase their artwork during a gallery evening during the "Triple Anniversary" celebration.

One student offered her insight after the experience, "When artists are given such opportunities of collaboration, communication and connection, they have a better chance of exciting a greater population in science through their work, and of creating art that is born outside just the art world."

Emily Carr class sketching in ISAC-I Hall.  

AIR-EC  Emily Carr student sketches next to equipment.


Did you know...?

The first Operations group at TRIUMF was made of physicists and technicians, of which about 70% were or had been paid-professional musicians, and most of the rest had a recent or current background in astronomy. Why? It soon became clear that both astronomers and professional musicians keep atrocious and irregular hours. Since that time we usually frame at least one question about music and astronomy to prospective cyclotron operators.

-Fred Bach, TRIUMF



For more details regarding the Installation Art viewing at SFU, please contact TRIUMF Communications Assistant Melissa Baluk at