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About Accounting/Project-Management Timesheets

TRIUMF must accurately track labour costs related to our various projects in order to report our activities to our various funding agencies.

All employees paid from the NRC Contribution, except Machine Shop and Design Office staff who already complete more detailed time sheets related to their work-orders, must complete a monthly time sheet and submit it to the Accounting Department.


  • For these timesheets, statutory holidays are just like weekends.  You do not need to adjust your percentages for time periods with stat holidays nor do you have to report them as vacation on these timesheets.
  • The accounting/project-management timesheets are NOT used for tracking vacation, sick, or other leave time.The Humean Resource vacation, sick, time off forms are presently maintained in paper form on a biweekly basis through your group leader.
  • The accounting/project-management timesheets are NOT used to track overtime.


Where to Fill-in Your Timesheet

The employees who must report are notified electronically at the first of each month and provided with a link where they can enter their time.

For those employees who have expressed a preference for a paper timesheet, a yellow time sheet will be placed in your mailbox at the first of each month.



Please complete the timesheet and submit it to Accounting, either electronically or on paper, within two weeks of the end of the month being reported.



If you have any questions, please contact the Accounting Department personnel.