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ATLAS Group Members

The TRIUMF ATLAS group consists of Scientists based at the lab, Scientists and Faculty Members based at various Canadian universities, post-doctoral research associates based at TRIUMF and at CERN, and graduate students from various universities who are supervised by TRIUMF scientists. We host a number of co-op and summer students every year.

TRIUMF-based physics and detector group:                                                                                 

  • Nigel Hessey
  • Leonid Kurchaninov
  • Oliver Stelzer-Chilton
  • Maximilian Swiatlowski
  • Reda Tafirout
  • Isabel Trigger 

Other members of ATLAS Canada supported in full or part by TRIUMF, but not formal members of the TRIUMF ATLAS group:

  • Doug Gingrich (Alberta)
  • Pierre Savard (Toronto)
  • Bernd Stelzer (SFU)
  • Mike Vetterli (SFU)

Affiliated Scientists:

  • Matthias Danninger (SFU)
  • Rob McPherson (Victoria/IPP)

Graduate Students:

  • Russell Bate (UBC/TRIUMF)
  • Leesa Brown (Victoria/TRIUMF)
  • Evan Carlson (Victoria/TRIUMF)
  • Chris Gubbels (UBC/TRIUMF)
  • Robin Hayes (UBC/TRIUMF)
  • Juan Cristóbal Rivera (Victoria)

Postdoctoral Fellows:

  • Estel Perez
  • Dilia Portillo
  • Stergios Tsigaridas
  • Marco Valente

CERN resident:

  • Valery Akhnazarov
  • Sergey Chekulaev
  • Alam Toro Salas