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TRILIS group projects

The group projects are described with only the Rare Isotope Beam related, scientific and engineering challenges in mind. The give a good indication of the research opportunities available for students seeking to go into experimental atomic-, molecular-, optical-, and nuclear-physics and engineering. 

We offer intriguing and challenging theses and dissertation project within the listed projects. Interested students are welcome to contact me to arrange for a meeting for further information and discussion of possible research topics. In addition the option for internships and undergraduate honors projects also exists. 

Please understand that the project status is continually changing and might not fully represent the current research status.


From the successful candidates it is expected that they bring with them and are willing to develop teamwork, motivation and enthusiasm for their project and the group mission. This is important, as most projects are challenging and after an introductory period own ideas, creativity and independent work is expected. The candidate should show increasing familiarity with the topic and be able to discuss this with others. You should contribute suggestions to solve problems and learn to manage ones own time, contribute to the group and manage one's own project. 

Towards the end of the project the student should also have earned an understanding of greater scientific and engineering context of the thesis project. 

Conference presentation of work and publication of results in scholarly journal. 

Selection of topics:

Thesis projects within the group projects are available. As our group priorities and funding is tied to the fiscal year cycle (april-march) advance planning is strongly advised.

We have a strong commitment towards training hands-on experimental techniques. Students from all Canadian Universities and from around the world are welcome to apply.