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TRIUMF Safety Orientation

 All PIF & NIF users are required to register for and view the TRIUMF Safety Orientation presentation. If more than one user is viewing this presentation at the same time, then these names should be registered as well

The safety orientation takes about a half hour and is a 26-slide PowerPoint presentation with sound that describes the TRIUMF site and safety-relevant issues, and is the minimum training that is required for all experimenters coming to use the beams at TRIUMF with unaccompanied access. There is a short quiz at the end of the presentation.

Users are also issued a TRIUMF access card for the Main Office building and the TRIUMF badge room gate to allow access to the experimental beam area. In addition, all users are required to have a radiation badge or a direct-reading dosimeter (DRD) for access to the TRIUMF beam area. No open-toed shoes (i.e.: sandals) are allowed to be worn in the experimental area.