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Lead Hygiene at TRIUMF

Lead is a naturally occurring, greyish metal that is used in a wide variety of consumer and industrial products. At TRIUMF, the principal uses of lead are for shielding; it is also found in older paints such as the yellow paint on the large shielding blocks, and on other painted surfaces. It is a hazardous material, and WorkSafeBC has developed requirements for its safe handling to limit risk to worker health. These requirements are detailed in two key documents:

In accordance with WorkSafeBC regulations, TRIUMF maintains its own policy and procedures related to lead safety in the work place:

TRIUMF has recently issued several communications to staff, as well undertaken assessment of the TRIUMF site::

1) Memo to staff from Director – June 14, 2018 Re: Health & Safety Update: Safe Work Practices for Handling Lead (Document-157282)

2) Memo to Supervisors from EHS – July 9, 2018 Re: Implementation of New Workplace Hygiene Measures  (Document-157984)

3) Memo to Facility Coordinators for Experimental Areas – July 9, 2018 Re: Managing Lab Coats for Facilities in Experimental  (Document-158034)

4) Lead Hygiene Summary – April 2019  (Blood Lead Level results; Aura Health Hygiene Assessment summary;  and next steps for remediation) (Document-169217)

5) Aura Health Hygiene Assessment report and sampling results is available (Document-168535).

Ongoing Hazard Mitigation Measures

1) Continue to use the safe work procedure when working with any exposed lead.

*All TRIUMF staff who handle lead are required to take the Lead Safety Training.

2) Personnel must wear lab coats and gloves when working along beamlines or in areas where there is a high level of dust.

3) In some contaminated areas, a boot box has been set up to limit tracking into adjacent area; please follow all posted procedures in these areas.

4) All exposed lead that is accessible in laboratories and around experiments must be painted. Contact Terry Sanghera (x6321; to arrange for painting. There are also spare painted standard lead bricks available upon request.