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Topics in the Accelerator Division

  1. Production of radioactive species from the stripping foil; their mobility, and release as a function of temperature.
  2. Cyclotron Inflector optimization for acceptance and minimization of dispersion.
  3. Beam dynamics of cyclotron central region at the space charge limit.
  4. Tomographic reconstruction of phase space from wire scans.
  5. LIEMATH development: A mathematical tool to generate transfer maps using Mathematica.
  6. Cryostat Design and Implementation for RRR Study of Niobium Weld Samples.
  7. Development of an Automatic Tuning Algorithm for the ISAC-DTL.
  8. Design, Implementation, and Testing of a 1.3GHz Nine-cell Cryostat.
  9. Conceptual Design and Optimization of a 1MeV High-Current Injector Linac.
  10. Design and Implementation of a 704MHz single Cell Cavity.
  11. RF Coupler design for 100 KW rating suitable for multi-cell Niobium cavities applicable for electron linac.
  12. RF power and control requirements for the TRIUMF electron linac superconducting RF cavities.
  13. Modeling of the TRIUMF electron linac injector beam dynamics.
  14. RF control model for the superconducting electron linac at TRIUMF.
  15. High power laser beam coupling and transport through large mode area optical fibers for resonance ionization laser spectroscopy.
  16. Development of a 650MHz repetition rate, ps photoelectron source.
  17. Laser spectroscopy of excited atomic states (Al, Be, B) for laser resonance ionization of short lived isotopes.
  18. Laser spectroscopy of autoionising atomic states.
  19. Development of a radiofrequency-quadrupole assisted laser-ion- source for isobar suppression.
  20. Study of field distribution and understanding spark in TRIUMF main cyclotron with an aim to increase beam current and improve reliability of the machine operation.
  21. Optimizing multi-cell cavity design for electron linac with regard to frequency, number of cells, beam aperture, beam current and HOM power.
  22. RF power and control requirements for a 1 MeV heavily beam-loaded RF cavity.
  23. Characterization of a laser-ion-source test stand with radiofrequency-quadrupole mass filter.
  24. Development of a high repetition rate chromium forsterite laser for laser resonance ionization spectroscopy.
  25. Design of a next generation, production-type, high repetition rate, tuneable, titanium sapphire laser.
  26. Fixed Field Alternating Gradient (FFAG) studies.
  27. Electron linac beam instrumentation.
  28. Modelling of the TRIUMF beam lines with advanced simulation tools such as G4Beamline and possibly FLUKA (used in Betabeam studies).
  29. Computational study of H- injection in the CERN PS2.
  30. Study of an ion storage/production ring to be sited at TRIUMF.
  31. New "geometric" tracking methods in support of large-scale multiparticle simulations.

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