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Approved Projects and Initiatives

2019 Projects/Initiatives:

Therapy Dogs at TRIUMF

Submitted by Allayne McGowan for the PSD Health and Wellness Committee

From the application:

"The Health and Wellness Committee are a small group of like-minded individuals from the Physical Sciences Division who are passionate about health, fitness, and mental wellness, and the goal of the Health and Wellness Committee is to promote and encourage self-care with regard to physical and mental health in the workplace... In 2019 we are looking to introduce more initiatives that focus on mental health, and our first confirmed initiative is a stress reduction "clinic" in the form of Therapy Dogs from St. John Ambulance...Stress Management has been the most requested topic so far from Physical Sciences Division members, and we believe that this initiative will be a particularly beneficial activity for TRIUMF staff and students to experience immediate stress relief in their work day."

The TRIUMF Coffee Break Podcast

Submitted by Pietro Giampa

From the application: 

"Podcasts offer a unique way to engage communities (TRIUMF and beyond), especially in great topics like science, diversity and equity. The requested funds will support a TRIUMF-own Podcast series which will be set as a chat between the host the the guests...The goal would be to invite TRIUMF employees (one per episode) on the show, and in each episode we would discuss their science contribution to TRIUMF, their career path and their role in the TRIUMF community (focusing on their perception of diversity and equity at TRIUMF)."

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