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Faxing, Photocopying, etc.

Office Assistance


In some instances Office Services staff may assist you in completing copy jobs, assemble documents or prepare mailings. To arrange office assistance, please contact the Office Services Assistant at ext. 7475 to determine availability.

Photocopy Machines


Copiers are located in the following areas:

  • Main Office Building Mail Room (colour- XEROX 02 & b&w - XEROX 03)
  • Main Office Building Second Floor in Room 97 near the Auditorium (b&w - XEROX 01)
  • ISAC II Building Ground Floor in Room 128 (b&w)

The copiers in the mail room are able to scan & e-mail PDF and TIFF documents to your email account in addition to making copies.

While Xerox02 is able to scan and make copies in colour, Xerox03 is a speedier and more cost-effective machine.

Please use Xerox03 (on the left hand side when you enter the mail room) whenever possible.

For instructions on how to use the “secure print” feature on XEROX 01, 02 and 03 please visit this website.

For copier questions or concerns, please contact the Office Services Assistant at ext. 7475.

TRIUMF photocopiers are not intended to be used for personal photocopying.

Fax Services


TRIUMF's main fax is located on the ground floor of the Main Office Building, in the mailroom. Instructions for the fax machine are located above the fax machine. Neither “9” nor a long distance code are required for any outgoing faxes. Faxes received at TRIUMF are kept at the main fax until Office Services distributes them to the mailboxes; which is done throughout the day. In case of an urgent item, you may wish to visit the fax machine to find it yourself.

When sending a fax, if you don’t have a fax cover sheet set up on your computer, standard TRIUMF fax cover sheets are available near the machine. Long distance faxes which are “personal” should not be sent on the TRIUMF fax machine.

The main fax number is 604-222-1074.



TRIUMF's shredder is located in the mailroom. Please find the Office Services Assistant for any questions.



Office Services has a cold laminator for use at a cost of $1 per page, to be paid by the using department. Please contact the Office Services Assistant for location and usage instructions.

Binding Machines


TRIUMF has two binding machines in the Accounting area. Please contact the Office Services Assistant for an appointment to learn each machine. Binding supplies must be purchased from Stores. There are limited supplies by the machines themselves.