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Dr. Thomas J. Ruth's remarks at the 2011 January 24th Announcement for NRCan-NISP funding in Saskatoon, SK

Thank you Dr. Wayner;

Minister Norris, Mr. Trost, and Ms Huynh, colleagues from CLS and elsewhere, and distinguished guests:

On behalf of TRIUMF and our collaborators at the BC Cancer Agency, the Lawson Health Research Institute in London, ON, and the Centre for Probe Development and Commercialization in Hamilton, ON, we are indeed honored to have the opportunity to participate in this program.  Natural Resources Canada is supporting a bold move by the Canadian government to develop alternative routes to the production of medical isotopes so that in the future Canadians will not be denied access to the imaging tests that are so critical for timely and accurate diagnoses.

By using existing cyclotron facilities across the country combined with the expertise at our collaborating institutions, we will assure a timely completion of this effort so that the Government of Canada will have the requisite information needed to move to the next stage in deploying alternatives that are decentralized and add to overall reliability of the system through this network.

These projects are being watched from around the world as Canada takes the bold step toward solving the medical isotope supply that does not rely on reactors.

Canada will lead the way.

Thank you again.


See you in 15 months.


Dr. Thomas J. Ruth, TRIUMF

January 24th, 2011