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Thank you, TRIUMF!

As we continue to face the impact of the coronavirus on TRIUMF and the global science community, we want to take a moment to acknowledge the efforts of everyone at the lab doing their part each day. You have kept our lab at the forefront of science for the past 50 years, and you are what keeps us running today in this time of uncertainty. Thank you for all that you do.  

In many ways, large and small, we are all doing what we can to fulfil our mission while keeping our community safe. We find ourselves in unfamiliar and challenging situations: from juggling the demands of family life alongside a new way of working, to managing new procedures onsite to ensure proper physical distancing; from new, accelerated projects that contribute to the fight against coronavirus, to an increased need to keep our site clean and safe for everyone - all while caring for our physical and mental health during a time that distances us from our networks of support. These are hard times, but we are here for youand we will continue to be here for you for as long as this pandemic continues. 

Remember that there are a wealth of resources available on the COVID-19 Resources page, as well as on our Community Discussion Board. There is always strength and support to be found in your peers and colleagues. We encourage you to take a moment in the coming weeks to thank someone for what they do – whether over email, phone, Teams, or using the digital template provided. These little acts of recognition allow us to show our gratitude to our community. 

As we continue forward, in spite of the uncertainties ahead, remember one of our Core Values: We respect each another, take care of each other, and support the success of all.  

Together is how we have operated TRIUMF for the last 52 years, and together is how we will make it through this. 

Thank you for doing your part.