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Science Technology Department

Our core mission is supporting the physics community in bringing to reality their project by providing technical resources for the design, construction, and commissioning of experiments and other apparatus. We also develop new technologies that we foresee as enablers of future discoveries and as having strong potential for applications outside physics research. Finally, we foster talent: from training of students to continuous training of group members.

The Science Technology Department can help from the initial experiment detector ideas to commissioning.

The Department is lead by Nigel Hessey, deputy Beatrice Franke. It is organised in five groups with these group leaders:

To request assistance from the Science Technology Department:

  1. If you have a new, large project, you will have to go through the TRIUMF system of proposal evaluation by the relevant 
    Experiments Evaluation Committee, PPAC, and Gate reviews.
  2. For smaller proposals, or adding new work to existing projects, please fill this form. We encourage you to be as specific as possible to help us evaluate our possible involvement. We will review of the request and contact you with the outcome

Science Technology Project List:

Ongoing / FinishedIn developmentForeseen
  • TWIST (Completed)
  • PIENU (Completed)
  • MUSR (Running)
  • DEAP-3600 (Running)
  • IRIS (Running)
  • ALPHA (Completed)
  • ALPHA-II (Running)
  • ALPHA-G (Running)
  • T2K (Running)
  • TREK (Completed)
  • MVM (Completed)
  • Tunneling Electron Microscope (UBC)
  • uSR 3T (Devel)
  • SuperCDMS
  • ATLAS LAr electronics
  • UCN/nEDM
  • Moller
  • Ac-225 Processing Capabilities
  • Flash Radiotherapy
  • DarkSide-20K
  • nEXO (Snolab, Ontario, Canada)
  • HYPER-K (Kamiokande, Japan)
  • IWCD
  • SiP

We acknowledge the support of Cadence Software for the Science Technology department.