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Laser Spectroscopy Member Contributions

This research initially started at TRIUMF as a collaboration between the laboratory and McGill University.

McGill is still the University that provides the majority of the postgraduate students, as well as at least one and often two undergraduate students each summer. Since its inception, the collaboration has grown and now includes both the Universities of Manchester and Liverpool both of which have and continue to provide both students, equipment, and invaluable knowledge both technically and concerning the interpretation of measured quantities. 

Newer members of the collaboration arose from former students and postdoctoral research associates at TRIUMF receiving academic positions elsewhere. The University of Jordan is a new collaborator, and currently provides undergraduate students. This is expected to mature into both masters and Ph.D. level students within the next few years. Tennessee Tech. is an undergraduate-only institution, and is taking the lead on the implementation of resonance ionisation for nuclear decay studies. As such, they have provided a high-powered, pulsed laser system for ionisation as well as several undergraduate students that have participated in various aspects of research.