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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Prescription Safety Glasses

Under the OVP the TRIUMF employee is issued safety prescription glasses guaranteed to meet these safety standards. To acquire these glasses the TRIUMF employee must present a signed authorization form to an "OVP Participant". This form can be obtained from the Occupational Health & Safety Officer who will authorize it, explain the instructions on the form's back and give you a list of all the "OVP Participants" in the British Columbia Lower Mainland. TRIUMF employees may present their latest eye prescription to the "OVP Participant" as long as it is less than two years old. It is recommended that TRIUMF employees acquire their safety glasses as close to their last eye examination as possible. New prescription glasses may be acquired at no charge to the TRIUMF employee if the safety glasses are damaged on the job or prescription changes.

All prescription safety glasses acquired must meet industrial safety standards ( CSA Z94.3, ANSI Z87 and WSBC OSHR 8.14-8.18).

Safety Footwear

TRIUMF will provide an allowance of up to $150.00  towards the purchase of safety footwear.

You may purchase your safety shoes from any supplier, but all safety footwear acquired must meet industrial safety standards (CSA Z195-M92, Protective Footwear and WorkSafeBC's Occupational Health & Safety Regulation 8.22).

There is no time limit on the allowance: if a TRIUMF employee requires new safety footwear then he/she may go ahead and purchase a new pair after the Occupational Health & Safety Officer has confirmed upon inspection that the original pair need replacing due to wear or loss of integrity.

Non-employees, such as visiting scientists and researchers, as well as any contractors working on site where there is a requirement for prescription eyewear or safety footwear, should come with PPE supplied by their own employer.


Respiratory Protection Devices

Respirators are issued by the Radiation Protection Group to TRIUMF workers who need them for their job function. The workers are fitted, tested and trained in the proper care and maintenance of their respirator. This information is then kept on record in the OH&S Office.

All remaining non-fitted personal protection equipment listed below can be acquired through TRIUMF Stores.

  • Hearing protection devices (ear plugs, ear muffs)
  • Protective plano eyewear (vinyl/plastic goggles, plastic glasses & face shields)
  • Head protection (hard hats, snoods)
  • Gloves (leather, rubber, nitrile, latex, cotton)
  • Clothing (total body tyvek overalls, paper booties, sleeve covers)


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