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TRIUMF is Canada’s particle accelerator centre. We are home to the world's largest cyclotron of its kind, as well as a suite of additional particle accelerators and over 1 kilometre of beamlines that spans our 13.5-acre site.

We use particle accelerators to produce high-energy rare isotope beams, which enable a diversity of efforts in nuclear and particle physics, accelerator science, life science research, and more - a program of science that has served to connect Canadian research with international science and technology collaborations, like CERN, for more than 50 years. 

NOTE: The schedule April to May, 2024 has been made available in the link below. TRIUMF's Graduate And Postdoc Society (GAPS) student volunteers have bookings available on both Monday's at 1pm, and Thursday's at 2pm. Dates beyond this period for summer 2024 will be announced by the end of May.

For school groups up to 30 students, please send an email to so that ability to support may be determined.

Book a tour and discover our lab!

If no days or times are present in the calendar, no availability remains for that day/month. Do check back regularly for openings as cancellations do occur.

About the public tour

Tour participants get first-hand experience with many of TRIUMF's experiments and facilities as we follow the path of the proton from its origin bound in a hydrogen atom to its destination in targets and detectors. This 45-minute walk covers the majority of our site and traverses two of our largest research halls.

During these 45-60 minute tours, visitors will be required to walk, climb stairs, and stand for the duration. While a more accessible route is available for those groups that require it, much of the lab's scale is best viewed from above.

Note: All guests are required to adhere to the safety information while on site.

TRIUMF continues to expand on its public outreach website. Dive deeper into imagery, interactive media, and infographic art with Discover Our Lab here:

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    • For staff-led business-related visits, please refer to the staff-led tours policy.