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Relevant & Related Meetings

Through a process of coimmunity meetings, presentations, and consultations, TRIUMF will formulate its Five-Year Plan 2015-2020. This page lists the series of events in this process and includes, where appropriate, links to the presentations and materials.

  • 2012-Apr-30: Community workshop on Underground Physics (at TRIUMF)
  • 2012-May-10: Annual retreat of TRIUMF Science Division
  • 2012-Jun-08: Workshop on ALPHA Future Activities and the next TRIUMF Five-Year Plan (at TRIUMF)
  • 2012-Jun-11: Annual Congress of the Canadian Association of Physicists (R. Kruecken, 5YP 2015-2020: Overview and Plans)
  • 2012-Jun-11: Call for Community Input for Proposed TRIUMF Commitments during 5YP 2015-202
  • 2012-Jul-06: TRIUMF Board of Management reviews and approves 5YP Preparation Process
  • 2012-Jul-06: External Evaluation of CMMS Strategic Plan
  • 2012-Jul-09: Annual General Meeting of the TRIUMF Users Group (TUG)
  • 2012-Jul-10: 2nd Annual ARIEL Science Workshop
  • 2012-Sep-17: DEADLINE for submission of 5YP 2015-2020 Proposals for TRIUMF Commitment(s)
  • 2012-Nov-01: PPAC meets to analyze, review, prioritize, and recommend key elements of 5YP
  • 2012-Nov-26: PPAC report delivered
  • 2012-Dec-20: Outline for 5YP report announced and writing assignments requested
  • 2013-Apr-10: 5YPSC Scenarios Planning Workshop
  • 2013-Apr-19: Board of Management review and discussion of draft 5YP
  • 2013-May-20: Community consultation on draft 5YP begins
  • 2013-May-27: Draft 5YP presented at CAP Congress subatomic-physics special session (R. Kruecken talk)
  • 2013-May-31: TRIUMF 5YP 2015-2020 reviewed by ACOT
  • 2013-Jul-16: Presentations at TRIUMF USers Group Annual General Meeting (N.S. Lockyer talk, T.I. Meyer talk)
  • 2013-Aug-19: Report writing completed; 5YP report transmitted for design & layout
  • 2013-Sep-25: 5YP 2015-2020 strategic plan published
  • 2013-Oct-04: ACOT Five-Year Review of TRIUMF
  • 2013-Nov-13: International Peer Review Committess visits TRIUMF for 2.5 days to conduct its review
  • 2014-Feb-xx: TRIUMF 5YP 2015-2020 transmitted to Government of Canada with NRC recommendations
  • 2015-Mar-xx: Government of Canada announces funding for 5YP 2015-2020 as part of Federal Budget 2015
  • 2015-Apr-01: TRIUMF Five-Year Plan 2015-2020 begins