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Request for Proposals for anticipated CFI Innovation Fund competition

May 22, 2018

Given the most recent funding allocation in the federal budget to the Canada Foundation for Innovation, we anticipate an Innovation Fund competition starting sometime in late 2018 or early 2019, with a proposal submission deadline in the summer or fall of 2019.

In this context we would like to invite submission of Project Initiation Sheets (using this Template) by August 31, 2018 for projects that intend to submit to the upcoming CFI IF competition.

We recognize that a number of potential applications have already been part of TRIUMF’s Policy and Planning Advisory Committee (PPAC) process in 2017. Thus, we expect that it will be rather straightforward for the proponents to update the PPAC submissions and in particular the budget and resource estimates.

PPAC will meet in October 2018 to review, analyze, prioritize, and make recommendations to the TRIUMF Director based on these submissions. PPAC will not only take the scientific merit into account but also the resource requirements from TRIUMF in the context of existing commitments. PPAC may request additional information from the proponents before the PPAC meeting.

Based on the PPAC recommendations and taking into account the priorities of the Five-Year Plan 2020-25, TRIUMF will make a decision on which proposals it is able to support in the upcoming CFI IF competition and approve Gate 0 for these projects.

For proposals that relate to SNOLAB, TRIUMF and SNOLAB have agreed to align and, where appropriate, combine project governance processes in order to avoid duplication of efforts.

We also want to make you aware that TRIUMF has updated its project management process (TSOP-15) in particular with respect the CFI process. Please review TSOP-15 and associated documentation.

Following a successful Gate 0 approval in the Fall of 2018, projects need to expeditiously move to a Gate 1 review before the CFI Notification of Intent is to be submitted (anticipated for spring 2019), which fixes the proposal budget to within 10%. For Gate 1 the project needs to be well defined with top level requirement, preliminary cost estimates to support an initial budget, and as applicable a system architecture.

The work to prepare for and submit a CFI application happens between Gate 1 and 2.  A project team must develop a concept sufficiently well to be able to adequately prepare a proposal, including a preliminary resource-loaded schedule, a preliminary concept that has been reviewed by peers and stakeholder, and a budget based on cost estimates (for example using a work breakdown structure to ensure that all scope is covered). While the project does not have to go through Gate 2 before the final proposal submission to CFI, TRIUMF will have to review the CFI application before submission. This is a condition for TRIUMF to supply support letters to CFI.

This process will ensure that information on performance, design, budget and timelines is robust, reliable and consistent. It will strengthen CFI proposals in a substantial way. In order to allow for sufficient time to develop the initial technical concept, it is important that the process start early.

The TRIUMF Project Management Office will provide support and advice, including project management tools and templates. Further information can be found here.

Please e-mail completed Project Initiation Sheets as well as any questions, and comments to

Request for Proposals for anticipated CFI Innovation Fund competition

Submission deadline: August 31, 2018

Project Initiation Sheet Template: Template

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Deadline to submit completed Project Initiation Sheets is August 31, 2018