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TRIUMF Hosts the 2008 International Linear Accelerator Conference

17 October 2008

From September 29 to October 3, TRIUMF hosted the 24th bi-yearly International Linear Accelerator Conference (LINAC08), which took place this year in Victoria, BC. The invitation-only conference regularly brings together over 250 attendees from around the world to discuss accelerator technology.

The international attendees included students, researchers, physicists, engineers, and other technical personnel, as well as industrial exhibitors, totaling 425 people from 18 countries. The conference allowed professionals in the same field to meet and hear talks on issues such as new trends and challenges in accelerator technology and to discuss different facets of linear accelerators such as their facilities, components, theories, and applications through informal contacts and approximately 400 formal presentations during the week. The main topics covered at LINAC08 concentrated on novel acceleration techniques as well as advancements in supporting higher energy and intensity with both hadron and electron accelerators.

The conference opened with Ida Chong, Minister of Technology, Trade and Economic Development, delivering the opening remarks. She focused on the value of LINAC technology to the modern world and the importance of training the next generation of scientists and engineers as well as the need to invest in technology. Throughout the week, the registered atttendees attended oral presentations, poster sessions, and exhibits. In addition, they were given opportunities to interact and explore the area; on October 1, guests visited either local landmark Butchart Gardens or went whale watching. As a bonus, after the end of the conference on October 4, attendees were able to take a tour of TRIUMF before departing British Columbia.

This year’s conference also focused on the future potential of LINACs. The conference chairman, Paul Schmor, noted that there was “a special program and incentives to promote active participation of students in accelerator research,” which included partial funding to help support the students at the conference. During registration on September 28, students had a special poster session, which gave them the opportunity to earn prizes for their work.

LINAC08 promoted the professional careers of students and young researchers, as well as helped experienced members of the field to remain informed of the latest developments. The work of nearly 25 volunteers, including many TRIUMF and UVIC employees, played an important role in the conference’s success.

The conference proceedings will be published both on CD-ROM and on the Joint Accelerator Conferences website. The LINAC ’08 website can be found here.


By Kaitlan Huckabone
TRIUMF's Communications Assistant