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LSPEC Process


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Three-Step Process for Proposals or Progress Reports

Request an experiment number from the Life Sciences Division by email ( The email should include the names and email addresses of the Spokespersons and the title of the experiment.

Second, if you are a new experimenter to TRIUMF you will need to sign up. To do so, please contact the Life Sciences Division’s office at and request a TRIUMF Login and provide the name of your TRIUMF contact person. We will complete an online visitor form for you. Next, you will receive an email from that will have your username for your TRIUMF identity (TRIUMF Login) and a link to a form that will need to be completed. Please note that you will be granted Electronic Access Only. Your main point of contact will be either your supervisor, collaborator, or the Life Sciences Administrative Assistant, Gloria Botelho.

Once you have your experiment number and a TRIUMF Login, you can proceed to the Spokespersons' Portal and prepare and submit your new proposal or progress report. Please be sure to fill out all of the information relevant to your experiment. Be sure to upload the PDF of your Detailed Statement. Templates can be found below in MS Word and LaTex.

When your new proposal or progress report is complete you will need to go to the "Review for Submission" section and click "Submit Report to the EEC" (you are able to edit your submission until the deadline, you will need to click the "Retract submission" button, then edit your new proposal or progress report, but please remember to hit submit when you are ready to submit).

Please note, you will (most likely) have to make a presentation (usually ~15-20 minutes) to the EEC. The slides for your presentation will need to be submitted to the Life Sciences Division ideally 48 hours before the meeting starts.


Documents for the Life Sciences Projects Evaluation Committee (LSPEC) that are to be uploaded to the Experiments Database through the Spokespersons' Portal are available in Microsoft Word format below. The LSPEC accepted online submissions for this first time in April 2011.

New Proposals - Detailed Statement

New Proposals - Spokespersons Publications List

Progress Reports - Detailed Statement

Progress Reports - Publications List

Progress Reports - Student Theses List

Slide Deck Template (TRIUMF)

Screen-by-Screen Instructions

Detailed Instructions for LSPEC

More Information

For information regarding individual meetings, please see the call for submissions at this webpage (inactive).

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