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LSPEC Process

Call for Submisssions

The next meeting of the TRIUMF Life Science Projects Evaluation Committee will take place on:

 THURSDAY & FRIDAY, JUNE 1 & 2, 2023

At: TRIUMF Main Auditorium
4004 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, BC

The DEADLINE for submission of New Proposals and Progress Reports is:

 Sunday, April 30, 2023
(23:59:59 – Vancouver time)

To be added to the LSPEC mailing list for updates, send an email to with the subject line: Add to LSPEC Mailing List

New Terms of Reference for LSPEC

The terms of reference have been updated to give greater clarity to the purpose and mandate of the Life Sciences Projects Evaluation Committee (LSPEC).

Terms of Reference

Submission Process for New Research Proposals and Progress Reports

The Life Sciences Projects Evaluation Committee (LSPEC) reviews all new research proposals and the progress of ongoing experiments (projects) which are presented at a two-day meeting held once a year at TRIUMF. The committee advises TRIUMF’s management on the feasibility of each experiment, their priority within the Division, and the allocation of resources.

To submit your experiment for evaluation, follow the set of instructions as laid out below. You are either submitting a “New Research Proposal” that has yet to be reviewed at an LSPEC Meeting or a “Progress Report” for an experiment that was reviewed at the last LSPEC Meeting. Submit only one Submission Form, Detailed Statement, and PowerPoint Presentation per experiment.

Step 1: Request an Experiment Number (applies only to New Research Proposals)

  • Request an L number from
  • Include in your email the following:
    • The name(s) and email(s) of the Spokesperson(s).
    • The title of your experiment.

If you are a new experimenter to TRIUMF you will need to sign up. To do so, please contact the Life Sciences Division’s office at and request a TRIUMF Login and provide the name of your TRIUMF contact person. We will complete an online visitor form for you. Next, you will receive an email from that will have your username for your TRIUMF identity (TRIUMF Login) and a link to a form that will need to be completed. Please note that you will be granted Electronic Access Only. Your main point of contact will be either your supervisor, collaborator, or the Life Sciences Administrative Assistant.

Step 2: Request Access to LSPEC 2023 on MS Teams 

Life Sciences has created an MS Teams site titled "LSPEC 2023." All spokespersons will receive an invitation to join. In this MS Team, each experiment is assigned a folder called a channel. Spokespersons are responsible for uploading their entire LSPEC submission to their experiment's assigned channel.

  • If you have not already received an email confirming your membership to LSPEC 2023 on MS Teams, then send an email to with the subject line: LSPEC 2023 Membership Request.

MS Teams is a web-based collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office. For LSPEC, we use it to share files and communicate with Spokespersons and LSPEC members. If you do not have MS Teams, you can download it from: To learn more about MS Teams, visit TRIUMF's Computing Webpage.

If you cannot access MS Teams or you have any technical issues, then please submit a helpdesk ticket. You will need a TRIDENT account to submit a ticket but if you do not have one, then use the following login credentials and select Home > Create a Ticket > General PC, Windows, and TRWIN Domain Support:

Username: guest
Password: triumf

Step 3: Complete the LSPEC Submission Form

Step 4: Templates

There are two types of Detailed Statements: "New Research Proposal" which is for experiments that have never been reviewed at a previous LSPEC Meeting and "Progress Report" which is for experiments that were reviewed at the previous LSPEC Meeting (this includes experiments that became either inactive or closed since LSPEC 2022). You only need to submit one Detailed Statement per experiment. 

Step 5: Upload your Submission 

Spokespersons are responsible for uploading their entire LSPEC submission to their experiment's assigned channel.

  • Upload your LSPEC Submission Form, Detailed Statement, Presentation and any supporting documents to your experiment's channel in LSPEC 2023 on MS Teams. 

Important Information:

Only spokespersons will be permitted to submit (upload) and edit Submission Forms, Detailed Statements, Presentations, and any other documents to their experiment's channel on MS Teams. Spokepspersons will be able to edit their documents until the deadline. 

The Spokesperson or another member of the experiment team will have to make a presentation to LSPEC using the PowerPoint template provided above. Presentations are ~8 to 12 minutes long.  You will be assigned a time. The slides for your presentation will need to be submitted to the Life Sciences Division at least 48 hours before the meeting starts but can be submitted earlier. If you do not submit your presentation on or before this deadline, then you will be responsible for bringing a USB thumb drive or flash drive of your presentation the day of the meeting and uploading it to the room computer.

Please note that access to LSPEC 2023 will close for submissions on April 30, 2023 at 23:59:59. PowerPoint presentations submitted after that time, can be emailed to

Forms & Templates 

Documents for the Life Sciences Projects Evaluation Committee (LSPEC) that are to be uploaded to the SharePoint team site LSPEC 2020 are available below. 

LSPEC Submission Form 

Detailed Statement - New Research Proposal 

Detailed Statement - Progress Reports

Slide Deck Template (TRIUMF)

More Information

For information regarding individual meetings, please see the call for submissions at this webpage.

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