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RILIS - Test Stand R&D

The RILIS test stand is comprised of a standard ISAC target ion source with standard extraction optics. The extracted ion beam is mass analyzed with an EXTREL MAX300 quadrupole mass spectrometer. In this test stand ion source modifications can be tested, as well as resonant ionization schemes can be tested. 

To that end a complete set of solid state lasers (50W frequency doubled Nd:YAG pump laser, 3x TiSa laser BRF tuned, 2x grating tuned TiSa laser, 1x frequency doubled Nd:YAG for non-resonant ionization) is available. These lasers are also the backup to the on-line laser system. 

In this laser laboratory training on high repetition rate, high power laser systems is done, as is laser development and laser spectroscopy


QMS RIMS development  

LISTESTSTAND measure LIS-STAND: laser ion source test stand with laser ion source and fast scanning quadrupole mass spectrometer 

off-line laser lab 2009 off-line laser laboratory for

(i) laser resonance ionization and (ii) laser development

IG -LIS (ion guide laser ion source) development (enhanced ion background suppression)

oa-TOF RIMS development

high duty cycle TOF for trace detection applications

improved lasers for in-source spectroscopy & RILIS operation