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TRIUMF Academic Committee

About TRAC

The TRIUMF Academic Committee (TRAC) coordinates and oversees all academic activities taking place at TRIUMF or involving TRIUMF. Our goal is to promote and strengthen academic activities in the core competencies of the laboratory and enhance our engagement with Universities in Canada and abroad. We organize and oversee a variety of activities that involve students, postdocs, scientists, professors and instructors for the purpose of transferring knowledge, advancing science and enhancing our intellectual experience.

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Committee Members

  • Oliver Stelzer-Chilton: Chair, Science Div. Rep
  • Marcello Pavan: Academic Secretary
  • tba: Post-Doc Rep
  • Jason Holt: GAPS Chair
  • Robin Hayes: Student Rep
  • Shane Koscielniak: Accelerator Division Rep
  • Valery Radchenko: Life Science Div. Rep
  • tba: Engineering Division Rep

(as of January 22, 2018)


TRAC's main activities consist of:

  • Promote, coordinate, and facilitate lectures on topics involving TRIUMF’s core-competencies.
  • Liaise and advertise academic activities with partner universities.
  • Keep track and document all academic activities with TRIUMF participation and collect data for key performance indicators.
  • Support student activities and recruitment.

Latest News

August 11, 2017

Sonia Bacca steps down as Chair of the Academic Committee upon her departure from TRIUMF for a position in Mainz, Germany.  Oliver-Stelzer-Chilton steps in as TRAC Chair as of Monday August 14.  

July 2017

TRAC Teaching and Student Supervision survey completed. The survey's purpose was to get a snapshot of TRIUMF's academic teaching and graduate student supervisory capacity and intentions in order to guide TRAC in development of TRIUMF's academic programs.