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Before Your Visit: Registering as a Visitor and Safety Training

Before Your Visit: Registering as a Visitor and Safety Training

To prepare for your visit to TRIUMF, you will need to give us some personal information so you can be issued a visitor card and dosimetry badge. You will also need to complete 3 online safety training courses. Follow the flow chart below to complete all the pre-arrival requirements. All pre-arrival requirements must be completed at least 1 week before your first day on site!

How do I manage my TRIDENT account?

Your TRIDENT account will be activated 4 weeks before the scheduled date of your visit.  If your visit is less than 4 weeks away, your account will be activated within 24h of your receiving your invitation email. Your TRIDENT account is used to access the RSVP form, to invite others from your team and to manage your safety training.  Your TRIDENT name will be the same as your TRIUMF Identity name, if you know it.

You will receive an email when your account is created or is activated again if it is not your first visit.

To change your password, or reset a forgotten password, go to:

How do I fill the visitor RSVP form?

The visitor RSVP form has to be filled for each visit to TRIUMF. You will receive a link to the RSVP form for your visit in your automated visit email.  You need to use your TRIDENT account login to access the RSVP form.

If it is your first visit, please fill in all the required contact and emergency details. If you have been to TRIUMF before, make sure the information is up-to-date and accurate.

The RSVP form looks like this:

How do invite other members of my team?

If you have been designated as the team leader, you will be responsible to invite the other members of your team in the TRIUMF online visitor system. You can invite team members by going to your visit page, logging in with your TRIDENT account and clicking on the "Invite a subordinate" link.

Fill the invitation form for each team additional member of your team. Make sure you provide accurate arrival and departure dates for their visit.

How do I check my training status?

You can view the list of all your required training courses as well as their current status at . Log in with your TRIDENT username in the form OR trwin\username.

Navigate to "Transcript" to see a summary of the training status of your training requirements.

What are the pre-arrival training requiments for PIF & NIF?

These three safety courses make up the minimum mandatory training required for all experimenters coming to use the beams at TRIUMF with unaccompanied access:

  • TRIUMF Safety Orientation
  • Basic Radiation Protection 
  • Personal Safety Alarm Training 

To complete these training courses, go to . Log in with your TRIDENT username in the form OR trwin\username.  Go to "My Courses" -> "Safety".

Each course presentation is followed by a short quiz; each visitor should complete all the quizzes at least 1 week before their first day at TRIUMF or they will not be granted access to the site. 

What else do I need to know for my visit at TRIUMF?

Visitors are issued a TRIUMF access card for the Main Office Building (MOB) and the TRIUMF badge room gate to allow access to the experimental beam area. In addition, all visitors are required to have a radiation badge or a direct-reading dosimeter (DRD) for access to the TRIUMF beam area.
Open-toed shoes (i.e.: sandals) are NOT ALLOWED in the experimental area.

The visitor WiFi network covers only the control room areas and is not available in the experimental rooms.  If any of the equipment under test needs to be connected to the internet, plan for a wired connection.  Send the MAC addresses of all devices that will need a wired ethernet connection at least 1 week before arrival, to allow time for them to be registered onto the network.