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TUEC Meeting 2012 March 1st

TUEC Meeting

1st March 2012


Present at TRIUMF

Adam Garnsworthy (Minutes), Andrew Macfarlane, Anadi Canepa

Present by telephone

Catherine Deibel, Kris Starosta




2 Use of TUG email list

3 TUEC Activities for 2012




The date has been set for 9th July. This is in the same week as the ARIEL Science Workshop and the SAP-EEC. Adam has reserved the auditorium for the day. There will likely be a common registration with modest fee and a bbq.


Last year the agenda ( included 9 science talks (15mins), 6 overview/update presentations and ended with an open session. It was agreed that this was a good format which we should use as a model for this year.


There was a desire to have the AGM broadcast live on the web. Adam will find out what the options are for this.


An update on UCN was suggested.

Coffee breaks and refreshments will need to be catered.  What budget is this?


Requests for speakers will be sent to the entire TUG email list as well as specific requests targeted to leaders of collaborations/experiments.


The agreed timeline for AGM preparations is:

First week of April – send out requests, for responses within 1month

During May select speakers and/or send additional requests as required.

Final agenda released in the week of June.


2 Use of the TUG Email list

There have been requests to distribute job advertisements and conference announcements to the TUG email list. Is this an acceptable use of the TUG email list? The consensus was yes but it is suggested that the subject of the email is used to clearly identify the purpose of the email for people to easily filter unwanted messages. A standard set of subject templates is required for different announcements such as ‘SAP Job Opportunity’ and ‘Material Science Job Opportunity’.

Job advertisments for Faculty, Post-doc and graduate positions are acceptable. Conference and workshop announcements are acceptable.


It was noted that archiving of emails is extremely useful. Sharepoint is used for this at CERN. This is also useful for filtering.


3 TUEC 2012 Activities

In 2011 we had discussed a newsletter. We discussed the usefulness of such a newsletter and if the useful information is maybe already available in several places. We could simply collect a list of links on the TUG website.

In addition an announcement to the TUG email list of the publication of TRIUMF reports etc should be made to inform TUG members of its existence.


Something called a Green sheet has been released weekly at NSCL in the past. It is prepared by a Users liaison officer and includes a lot if relevant information.


It was suggested that a request for a statement from the Directors office in April for an update on the financial situation of TRIUMF would be well received in light of the major projects underway at TRIUMF at this stage of the five-year plan. Adam will draft a request.



The next meeting will be held in the last week of March to finalize the requests for TUG AGM speakers.


Action Items

-Adam to find out about AGM broadcast options.

-Decide on standard set of Subject title templates.

-Adam will draft a request for a Statement from the Director’s office on an update of the 5-year plan and TRIUMF financial situation.