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TUEC Meeting 2012 March 29th

TUEC Meeting

29th March 2012


Present at TRIUMF

Adam Garnsworthy (Minutes), Reiner Kruecken, Tim Meyer, Andrew Macfarlane

Present by telephone

Ulrike Hager, Catherine Deibel, Anadi Canepa


Kris Starosta



1 Call for AGM Speakers

2 Request to Director

3 AGM streaming

4 Use of TUG email list



1 Call for TUG AGM Speakers

Adam circulated a draft for comments. Discussion of the ordering of paragraphs. The draft is accepted and will be circulated to the TUG mailing list on or before April 2nd. It will also be sent to the general users base mailing list with instructions about how to join TUG if you are not a member. Niki manages these lists. Nominations are requested before 1st May. Catherine suggests sending an email reminder one week before the deadline. If a sufficient number of nominations are not received then we must target collaborations for nominations. Andrew will prepare a list of potential speakers and/or collaborations to target.


2 Request to Director

There was some discussion as to the format and timing for a statement from the director. Considering the uncertainties from the federal budget it is not certain that we will have a clear situation in April. It was decided that this request would be better evolved into a charge for the director’s presentation at the TUG AGM.

It should include; availability of the design office and machine shops, update on federal and other lab funding situation, update on ARIEL project cost, budget and timeline, prospects or progress for additional funds to complete the ARIEL frontend.


In addition it was noted that this information is forth-coming within TRIUMF through the director’s All-hands meetings which are held roughly once a quarter. For the benefit of all external TUG members, TUEC will release a summary of the all-hands meeting and following discussion with the director perhaps also post the slides from that meeting.


The subject of useful links on the TUG website was again raised. It is noted that lots of the information we have been talking about is already posted in various places and just needs a collection of links in one place to find it all.


3 AGM Streaming

Adam will follow up on live streaming options.  An alternative is to record it and post the video online afterwards.


4 Use of the TUG Email list

Adam to circulate a draft list of subject titles/filters



Reiner announces that they are working on a Database for all publications from TRIUMF. Once this is properly defined help will be needed from TUG to account for all publications. Reiner will include an announcement in the science division talk at the TUG AGM.


The timeline and process for the next TRIUMF Five-Year Plan will be presented at CAP this year. This will include a request for 1-page ideas. User input is essential so TUG and TUEC will be involved in this process. It would be appropriate to have a short presentation at the AGM on this to stimulate discussion on the 1-page ideas.


The next TUEC meeting will be held in early May to review nominations for TUG AGM speakers, discuss if additional speakers need to be sought and define an agenda.


Action Items

-Adam to ensure Call for AGM Speakers email is circulated

-Andrew to prepare a list of potential AGM speakers and/or collaborations to target

-Adam to follow up on AGM streaming/recording options

-Adam to draft a standard set of Subject title templates.