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TUEC Minutes for meeting of Mar. 10, 2011


Present: A. MacFarlane (AM), T. Meyer (TM), A. Garnsworthy (AG), C. Ruiz (CR), U. Hager (tele), R. Krücken(RK), O. Stelzer-Chilton (OS)

Absent: D. Melconian, K. Starosta



Website Training

  • This was not directly a part of the TUEC meeting, but is related, so I report it here.
  • AG, CR, AM, TM attended a drupal web editing training session at 10am put on by J. Kaban to learn how to modify the TUG website. We now have password access, so we can begin to alter the website.
  • TUG website:
  • We cannot yet have a web ``suggestion box'' interface. We will make do with an email link (which I prefer in any case).
  • TM is going to get us, so it is clear to the user that they are emailing TUEC. The password will be changed annually for confidentiality. Right now we have, and TM only looks at this and there is no interesting traffic.
  • There is a problem with drupal's management of files with multiple versions: it gives each file a unique URL, so updating a file means one has to manually alter all links to it. We should decide how to implement TUEC minute uploading in this context - via .pdf (final version only) or convert to html (maybe more reader friendly?)
  • There is tug/ but we do not know who has the password. There are no files there. TM will try to get us the password.
  • We can start with the minor adjustments planned in the last meeting
  • We should add some pictures. Perhaps solicit head shots of TUEC members for the site?
  • It is unlikely for TUG to get a link on the TRIUMF main page - the real estate is too valuable for an organization that merely represents the users of TRIUMF, the ones using it to produce the science that is the ultimate reason for its existence. That real estate should surely be reserved for PR1.


Feb. 16, 2011 minutes

We didn't accept the previous minutes yet, CR wants to have another look.


Plans for TUG AGM, July 6, 2011


  • RK explained how ISOLDE does it
  • we discussed AGM content, organization, bbq dinner, registration, workshop fee, participation by unregistereds
  • facility status talks will likely be shorter than previously (6 mos. since last report)
  • maybe an ariel construction issue talk in the afternoon (Gary?)
  • maybe a talk, more specialized than Lia's, on ISAC targets
  • perhaps newly hired I. McKenzie can talk about M20/M9 progress for CMMS
  • we discussed the fact that TUG membership is optional, hence the email list is not necessarily very up to date and the EEC call list may be better. Should tug membership be required?
  • We will send an email out soon asking for nominations for student/postdoc talks on science (including detector devel. (neural), atlas etc) to be presented at the AGM, then we need to meet to discuss a draft agenda for the AGM.
  • It is proposed to move the state of the facility talks to the afternoon immediately before the panel/open mike discussion. student talks would then occur in the morning after the introductory remarks from Nigel.
  • TM will put together a detailed written proposal for the AGM from the discussions, so we can look at it carefully. We should then vote on it soon. This proposal will attempt to dovetail with the ARIEL workshop that occurs on the next day.
  • elections: in July? probably not, but then we can't introduce new TUEC members to the meeting, but this is likely ok
  • need to communicate the message from the lab (what are the priorities, how are they set e.g. for improving reliability, for beam development etc) more effectively to the users. the AGM hits only a small fraction. a publication might help this more than posting talks. increasing participation in the AGM is also desirable for this.
  • OS: rabbit and carrot problem of increasing the profile of a user meeting to make it like eg. Fermilab - if it is higher profile the speakers treat it so: giving a talk has cachet, but to improve participation and get better talks it should be higher profile to start with. We must bootstrap.


TUEC nomination for ARIEL workshop programme cttee

RK wants some user involvement in the planning of the ARIEL workshop (July 7). We briefly discussed this issue. It was agreed that an external user with some vested interest in the capabilities of ARIEL would be ideal. Names suggested Gwinner, Svensson, Chow, Kanungo. AM will send RK an email with these nominarions.


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