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TUEC Minutes, Oct. 12, 2011

TUEC minutes 12 Oct 2011

Present: Andrew M, Adam G, Oliver S-C, Dan M

Teleconf: Kris S, Ulrike H

Absent: Reiner K


1) TUEC election

                a) we need to update the election rules to be consistent with practice and with summer AGM

                b) timeline: call for nominations (this week), aim to get nominations together to distribute a ballot by Nov ~1, ballots must be received by Nov. ~30

vacancies: 2 TUEC members, 2 yr terms and Chair elect (cannot be TRIUMF, should be nonISAC), 3 yr term

                c) anticipating a lack of nominations, please send me a few suggestions in preparation for beating the bushes for nominees, please email suggestions to AM.

                d) can we offer incentives e.g. a TUEC parking spot... free hotspot donuts ...?

                e) AM will draft a nomination email, based on the last one, for circulation by Oct 13 and distribution by the end of this week.

2) How successful was the summer AGM?

How many people showed up? external vs. usual. Are there records? AM will ask Niki about the indico registration numbers

3) Newsletter

 As the rate of change of people, facilities and 'infrastructure capacity' at TRIUMF is very high these days. It would likely be of interest to the users to have a newsletter. We began to consider the proposal of an e-newsletter that would bring together this information in a convenient and easily-produced format for distribution more than once and less than 6 times a year.

The homework is to accumulate a wish-list of items/categories that would go into such a newsletter, that is to clearly define what it should contain and what its intended purpose is. Please email specific and general suggestions for newsletter contents to AM.

Subsequently - we could then identify where and how to get the required information.

Note this proposal is quite distinct from the previously discussed newsletter that was intended to be a relatively high production value summary of highlights of the AGM.