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TRIUMF expands, fortifies member university network

06 March 2023

TRIUMF is pleased to announce today that it has expanded its national network, adding seven new university members.

Each of these new members joined TRIUMF as former Associate Members under the laboratory's prior Joint Venture structure, which was superseded by the incorporation that took place in June 2021.

Together, the addition of seven new members signals a strong message of support for TRIUMF from Canada’s university network.

“TRIUMF is very pleased to see such a strong response from our research communities and member universities,” said Lisa Kalynchuk, Vice-Chair, TRIUMF Board of Governors. “This shows a clear recognition of the value of TRIUMF as a national and strategic science asset today, as well as a resounding vote of confidence for the vision for TRIUMF for the next 20 years and beyond.”

As part of the incorporation process, TRIUMF underwent changes to its organizational structure to improve efficiency and clarify accountability across the laboratory’s various stakeholders. With these changes, TRIUMF’s member universities will be further empowered to participate in and lead elements of the TRIUMF science program, including the laboratory’s vision-setting and its multifaceted and intersectional portfolio of collaborations and network opportunities.

Now, with a fortified network of 21 member institutions spanning coast-to-coast, TRIUMF is well-positioned to achieve the goals laid out in its recently published 20-Year Vision; the fact that another seven university members have jumped in with both feet is a tremendous vote of confidence, says TRIUMF Director Nigel Smith.

“Our member universities recognize the many unique advantages of our world-leading research infrastructure and multidisciplinary science programs – but also that TRIUMF is accessible to and engaged with Canada's top academic institutions, large and small, in a manner that amplifies the impact of each here in Canada and abroad,” said Smith. “With our new governance structure and our member university community fully engaged, TRIUMF is well-positioned to fulfill the ambitions laid out in our 20-Year Vision, which see us continuing to lead as one of Canada’s largest and most impactful fundamental research facilities.”With this latest round of membership complete, TRIUMF will soon move to a standing call for new members to further open its network to a variety of Canadian institutions.

“This is a strong step forward for TRIUMF and its member university network,” said TRIUMF Members' Council Chair Malcolm Campbell. “The Members' Council is pleased to welcome our new institutions, and we look forward to the many opportunities and benefits that these strong relationships will bring for the Canadian science ecosystem.”

The full list of TRIUMF member universities (with new additions in bold) is: 

McGill UniversityUniversity of AlbertaUniversité de Montréal
University of Northern British ColumbiaUniversity of British ColumbiaQueen's University
Saint Mary's UniversityUniversity of CalgaryUniversity of Regina
Université de SherbrookeCarleton UniversitySimon Fraser University
University of WaterlooUniversity of GuelphUniversity of Toronto
Western UniversityUniversity of ManitobaUniversity of Victoria
University of WinnipegMcMaster UniversityYork University

Quotes from Member Universities:

"The research conducted at TRIUMF delves into the very essence of the universe and its fundamental scientific inquiries," said UNBC Interim Vice-President Research and Innovation Dr. Kathy Lewis. "For years, UNBC researchers worked hand in hand at TRIUMF with colleagues from across the country. As a university member, we are eager to fortify and expand these partnerships for the advancement of scientific discoveries."

"The research community at the Université de Sherbrooke is pleased to join Canada's particle accelerator Centre, TRIUMF, as a member. Together, we will push back the frontiers of knowledge,” said Jean-Pierre Perreault, Vice-President, Research and Graduate Studies, Université de Sherbrooke.

“Western and London's medical community have been active partners in TRIUMF's successes for more than a decade, particularly in the fields of radiochemistry, nuclear medicine and oncology," said Western's Acting Vice-President (Research), Bryan Neff. "We're thrilled to become a formal member and look forward to strengthening this relationship by leveraging the capacity of Canada's particle accelerator centre to advance research that has impact in Canada and beyond."

“McGill’s decades-long collaboration with TRIUMF has resulted in research at the cutting edge of modern physics, including through the ATLAS experiment,” said Martha Crago, Vice-Principal, Research and Innovation. “McGill is proud to join TRIUMF’s engaged group of university members across Canada, with whom we share commitments to fundamental research and technological advancement.”