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T2K Canada




T2K is a neutrino experiment designed to investigate how neutrinos change from one flavour to another as they travel (neutrino oscillations).

An intense beam of muon neutrinos is generated at the J-PARC nuclear physics site on the East coast of Japan and directed across the country to the Super-Kamiokande neutrino detector in the mountains of western Japan.

The beam is measured once before it leaves the J-PARC site, using the near detector ND280, and again at Super-K: the change in the measured intensity and composition of the beam is used to provide information on the properties of neutrinos.


The Canadian T2K group consists of 10 scientists from five institutions (TRIUMF, University of Regina, University of Winnipeg, York University, University of Toronto). 

Canada was the first international partner to join the T2K collaboration, and has contributed to several parts of the experiment, including beamline monitoring, construction of a new near detector for T2K, and analysis and calibration of the Super-Kamiokande detector at the far end of the experiment. 

Canadian participation in the T2K experiment is funded from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, the Canada Foundation for Innovation, TRIUMF, and Compute Canada.


The current T2K collaboration consists of over 400 physicists from 60 institutions in 12 countries [Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, UK, US and Vietnam].

The experiment is primarily supported by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).

Additional support is provided by the following funding agencies from participating countries: NSERC, NRC and CFI, Canada; CEA and CNRS/IN2P3, France; DFG, Germany; INFN, Italy; Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Poland; RAS, RFBR and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation; MICINN and CPAN, Spain; SNSF and SER, Switzerland; STFC, U.K.; DOE, U.S.A. 





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