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Technical Services

TRIUMF leads in science by combining highly trained, skilled personnel with challenging, cutting-edge research questions.



The Beamline Group maintains the infrastructure for the primary beamline structures, their magnets, and other devices.

Information Systems & Technology

From networking to intensive data acquisition, processing, and storage, TRIUMF has experts.

Design Office

The Design Office translates research concepts and scientists' intentions into drawings, models, and tools ready for building.

Science Technology Department

The Science-Technology Department develops and deploys the best technology for "seeing" particles and how they interact.

Diagnostics Group

Where is the beam and what is it doing?  This team monitors and controls.


From designing to building to operating and maintaining, the engineering team is involved in making this work well.

Building and Site Service Requests


Every hour of every day of the year, the Operations team ensures the safe, secure, and optimal performance of TRIUMF's accelerators, beam lines, and the entire site.



Radiation Protection Group

The RPG provide site-wide oversight on all aspects of radiation safety, monitoring of TRIUMF's radioactive emissions and their environmental impact, radiation protection training, and radioactive materials handling and transport.

The Applied Technology Group at TRIUMF operates three compact cyclotrons for the production of medical isotopes