Canada's National Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear Physics Laboratoire national canadien pour la recherche en physique nucléaire et en physique des particules

ALPHA-Canada Team Wins NSERC Polanyi Prize

For its role in creating, trapping, and studying atoms of antihydrogen, the ALPHA-Canada Team received the NSERC John C. Polanyi Award, which honours outstanding Canadian-based research. Photo: NSERC.

New Milestone for Tc-99m

In June 2013, a national team led by TRIUMF demonstrated regular production of the critical Tc-99m isotope using Canadian-developed tools and cyclotron technology (without nuclear reactors) to supply an urban area the size of Vancouver.

ARIEL Building Construction Complete

From a hole in the ground a year ago to a five-storey concrete and metal structure, the civil construction has proceeded aggressively this year. ARIEL will expand Canada’s contributions to produce isotopes for science and medicine.

Artists and Scientists find “Common Ground”

In August 2013, the Directors from both Emily Carr University of Art and Design and TRIUMF engaged in a public dialogue focusing on the symmetries of art and science. 

A Global, Nobel Effort

TRIUMF salutes Peter Higgs and François Englert for their groundbreaking work recognized by the Nobel Prize 2013. Congratulations to the international team of scientists, engineers, and many more who participated in the Higgs boson discovery. Photo: ATLAS CERN.

TRIUMF and India’s VECC Join on Isotopes

A Memorandum of Understanding signed in August 2013 between the two organizations will combine key resources and labour for the advancement of research into rare isotopes for science and medicine. 

TIGRESS Detector in the Global Spotlight

In April 2013, Vancouver's Andy White was awarded 2nd place in a global contest based on “photowalks" by amateur photographers through labs around the world. His photo celebrates the TIGRESS detector at TRIUMF.

ATLAS Tier-1 Data Centre Awarded Upgrade

With 10 Tier-1 centres worldwide, the ATLAS computing grid is a gigantic storage and processing facility for data collected from the ATLAS experiment. In January 2013, CFI awarded $1M to SFU & TRIUMF for upgrades in capacity.

A Strong, Growing, Canadian Family

In spring 2013, McGill University was approved by TRIUMF’s Board of Management to become an associate member of the consortium of universities that owns and operates the lab. Welcome!

With Canadians, T2K Sees Neutrinos Appear

In July 2013, the international T2K collaboration announced a definitive observation of a new type of neutrino oscillation, in which muon neutrinos transform to electron neutrinos.  Photo © T2K Collaboration 2013.


11 April 2014 - A new exhibition will be on display at Science World this spring, providing visitors of all ages an opportunity to contemplate science from an artistic perspective. It showcases artists’ fascination with scientific topics ranging from the cosmos to particle behavior.

09 April 2014 - Dr. Mathieu Leporini, Science and Technology attaché of the French Consulate in Vancouver, visited TRIUMF to support the lab in leveraging knowledge and resources across France and Canada to work towards common scientific goals.

08 April 2014 - As part of the TED conference in Vancouver last month, a group of 25 delegates were treated to an exclusive tour of the cyclotron vault and GMP labs. They discovered how a TRIUMF-led collaboration is working on a Made-in-Canada solution to address the threat of a global medical isotope shortage.

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Research Highlights

17 April 2014 - On April 1, 2014, TRIUMF was formally admitted as an institutional member of the Royal Society of Canada, the senior Canadian collegium of distinguished scholars, artists, and scientists.

11 April 2014 - All hands are on deck this spring as the Accelerator Division concentrates their efforts on the installation and assembly of the electron linear accelerator, the state-of-the-art equipment at the heart of ARIEL, TRIUMF's new facility for the production of rare isotopes.

07 April 2014 - Using the μSR facilities at TRIUMF’s Centre for Molecular and Materials Science and J‑PARC, a team of researchers from KEK and the National Institute for Materials Science in Japan have discovered novel magnetism in an iridium compound.

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