NSERC Brockhouse Prize Honours CycloMed99

For their outstanding success in realizing a safe and reliable solution for medical isotope production, the interdisciplinary research team CycloMed99 received the NSERC Brockhouse Prize. Photo: NSERC

"Research at Work"

Vancouver-based photographers participated in TRIUMF's 3rd Photowalk. The winning photos – as voted by scientists, jury and social media – will be on exhibit at Science World February 6-24. Credit: Justin Lee

Canadian Team Brings Solution to Tc-99m Crisis

With a decentralized production method, a safe supply chain of Tc-99m can be secured for Canadian patients and the threat of a medical isotope shortage is removed.

Instrument Explores Properties of Rare Isotopes

GRIFFIN, a state-of-the-art instrument, probes the atomic nucleus and studies the interactions between the constituent protons and neutrons.Photo by Sean Birch.

Seizing Canada's Moment

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Minister of State (S&T) Ed Holder announced the release of an updated federal science, technology and innovation strategy, with a clear vision for Canadian excellence.

ARIEL Awarded for Engineering Excellence

Congratulations to the ARIEL team, Stantec Consulting Ltd., Applied Engineering Solutions Ltd., and Bush, Bohlman & Partners Ltd., recipients of the 2013 ACEC-BC’s Engineering Excellence Award of Merit.

ARIEL to Expand our Range of Isotopes

ARIEL will increase TRIUMF's capabilities for producing beams of rare isotopes. These isotopes will be used to study the nature of stars, where the elements come from, and how complex patterns arise from relatively simple building blocks.

IsoSiM Enriches Young Researchers

Led by TRIUMF and UBC, with funding from the NSERC CREATE Initiative, the Isotopes for Science and Medicine program will enrich training experiences for young Canadian researchers.

E-Linac Moves Into ARIEL

TRIUMF's new electron linear accelerator, the e-linac, is in position! This state-of-the-art equipment is at the heart of ARIEL and will increase TRIUMF's capabiites for isotope production. 

Canadian Cancer Society Innovation Grant

Pioneering research on Astatine-211, carrying great potential for the treatment of late-stage cancer, won Dr. Tom Ruth and UVic Ph.D. student Jason Crawford an Innovation Grant from the Canadian Cancer Society.


28 April 2015 -  Spring is in the air. Daffodils are blooming, birds are singing and the world’s largest cyclotron is once again preparing to accelerate beams of protons to incredible speeds, breaking new ground in the study of rare isotopes. 

27 April 2015 -  TRIUMF's Board of Management recently appointed Dr. Digvir S. Jayas, Vice-President (Research and International) and Distinguished Professor from the University of Manitoba, to serve as Vice-Chair of the Board.

21 April 2015 -  The Government of Canada's Economic Action Plan 2015 commits to providing an additional $45 million in operating funds to TRIUMF over the next five years. TRIUMF applauds the Government’s continued investment in science, technology and innovation.

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Research Highlights

19 May 2015 -  The winning entry in TRIUMF’s Life Sciences Peer Evaluation Committee (LSPEC) Student Poster Event is just the tip of the iceberg of PhD candidate Joseph Lau’s success.

08 May 2015 -  With his unique joint appointment between TRIUMF and the Kavli IPMU at the University of Tokyo, Mark facilitates the circulation of talented researchers between Japan and TRIUMF as he lends his technical expertise to R&D for Hyper-K.

29 April 2015 -  More than 300 members of the high-energy physics community, government officials, ambassadors, and press gathered in Tokyo at the ILC Symposium where the Linear Collider Collaboration issued a statement confirming the scientific justification for the International Linear Collider.

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