TRIUMF projects shine among CFI Innovation Fund recipients

Seven TRIUMF experiments and collaborations were among last week's CFI Innovation Fund recipients. More here

TRIUMF celebrates Dark Matter Day 2017

On October 31, 2017, TRIUMF and partners around the world will celebrate the historic hunt for the unseen. More details about Dark Matter Day 2017 here 

TRIUMF and partners awarded with CFI infrastructure funds to advance innovative research initiatives

CFI has announced a multi-million dollar investment package, advancing 7 projects involving TRIUMF and its member universities 

The Sheffer Lectures

Introducing the Sheffer Lectures—a special colloquium series celebrating the life and career of long-time TRIUMF engineer Grant Sheffer. Read more


12 October 2017 -  The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) has announced a multi-million dollar investment package in support of science initiatives across the country, including 7 projects involving TRIUMF and its member universities 

28 September 2017 -  Looking back on his graduate studies, IsoSim student Jingxuan Li recounts polar bears, icebergs, and the smell of fresh bacon

11 September 2017 -  Dr. Rob Kiefl has been awarded the 2017 Yamazaki Prize by the International Society for mSR Spectroscopy (ISMS).

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Research Highlights

31 August 2017 -  A new paper published by the DEAP-3600 group describes preliminary results from the dark matter experiment

04 August 2017 -  The international T2K Collaboration has strengthened its previous hint that the symmetry between matter and antimatter may be violated for neutrino oscillation. 

03 August 2017 -  The ALPHA Collaboration has reported the first detailed observation of spectral lines from an antimatter atom, opening a new chapter in antimatter research.

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