Developing TRIUMF's Five-Year Plan 2020-25

TRIUMF is starting to prepare its Five-Year Plan 2020-2025. Details here

Italian President Sergio Mattarella visits TRIUMF

On Friday, June 30th, TRIUMF welcomed His Excellency Sergio Matterella, President of Italy, and a delegation for a special visit.

Novel radiochemistry technique opens door to new PET imaging agents

Scientists from TRIUMF and SFU have found a new way to make PET radiotracers using a breakthrough fluorination technique. More here

2017 FYSRE Award Winner Gaurav Tenkila Joins DRAGON Team

TRIUMF is pleased to introduce UBC student Gaurav Tenkila, a 2017 FYSRE award winner and the most recent addition to the DRAGON team. 

TRIUMF Science Week, July 10 - 14, 2017

TRIUMF Science Week will be held from July 10 - 14, 2017. Click here for event details and registration information


11 July 2017 -  TRIUMF Science Week is underway, running from July 10 - 14, 2017. Here's where to look for event details and registration information

10 July 2017 -  H.E. Sergio Matterella, President of Italy, and a delegation visited TRIUMF during a rare trip to Canada. 

20 June 2017 -  A team of researchers led by SFU scientists Matthew Nodwell, Robert Britton and TRIUMF scientists Hua Yang and Paul Schaffer has demonstrated a new method for producing radiotracers.

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Research Highlights

30 June 2017 -   A research paper published in Physical Review Letters is offering new insight into unraveling the mysteries of the strong nuclear force

23 June 2017 -  Last night, ARTMS Products Inc. took home the award for Most Promising Pre-Commercial Technology at the 2017 BC Tech Impact Awards

26 April 2017 -  The ARIEL facility reached a milestone in December 2016 with the successful installation of a 15-metre prototype of the Rare Isotope Beam (RIB) transport system.

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