Half-Lives... Making Lives Whole

We’re celebrating Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging Week (Oct 4-10) to recognize the technologists, scientists and others who improve lives by making advances in cancer and dementia research!

Saturday Morning Lectures

TRIUMF, UBC, and SFU are proud to present the 2015-2016 Saturday morning lecture series on Frontiers of Modern Physics. Join us this fall for free lectures as we celebrate Einstein's Centenary.

Global Physics Photowalk

Back by popular demand, laboratories across Asia, Australia, Europe and North America are joining together for a photowalk. Stay tuned for the photo competitions. Photo by J. Nichollis.

20th Anniversary of Proton Therapy at TRIUMF

As the only one of its kind in Canada, the centre uses protons to irradiate cancerous tumors with high precision, thus destroying the tumor while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. In August, the centre celebrated its 20th Anniversary.

Beam On: Delivering on the Promise

TRIUMF has completed the fifth and final year of Five-Year Plan 2010–2015. The Financial and Adminstrative report captures major milestones and highlights during the last fiscal year. Photo by B. Venzon.

Team Up: Sustainability

This Business Development Report takes a look at how AAPS and TRIUMF work together to identify and measure the fit of commercial opportunities. Photo by S. Brich.

ARIEL to Expand our Range of Isotopes

ARIEL will increase our production of rare isotopes, which will be used to study the nature of stars, where the elements come from, and how complex patterns arise from relatively simple building blocks.

Drop by for a free tour!

Would you like the opportunity to explore and discover the halls of Canada's national laboratory for nuclear and particle physics? Drop in for a free public tour every Wednesday and Friday at 1pm. Photo by Andy White 2012.

Col. Chris Hadfield at TRIUMF

Former Canadian astronaut and commander of the International Space Station Col. Chris Hadfield visited TRIUMF to learn about the latest science breakthroughs. Click to listen to our interview with Hadfield.

IsoSiM Enriches Young Researchers

Led by TRIUMF and UBC, with funding from the NSERC CREATE Initiative, the Isotopes for Science and Medicine program will enrich training experiences for young Canadian researchers.


30 September 2015 -  Director Dr. Jonathan Bagger implemented several changes to TRIUMF’s management structure, including naming Dr. Reiner Kruecken, former Head of the Science Division, as TRIUMF’s new Deputy Director. In this interview, we learn more about Reiner and his path to Deputy Director.

09 September 2015 -  Back by popular demand, eight of the world’s leading particle physics laboratories are joining together to host the Global Physics Photowalk on September 25-26, 2015.

21 August 2015 -  TRIUMF's proton therapy centre is a one of a kind facility in Canada used for treating a rare type of eye cancer. Today, we celebrate its 20th anniversary.

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Research Highlights

28 September 2015 -  TRIUMF’s Ewan Hill recently presented a collaborative music project, disCERN, at Switzerland’s Montreux Jazz Festival that had dozens of patrons dancing in their seats as they experienced physics in an entirely new way.  

18 September 2015 -  During a recent seminar, David Harris dove into the motivation behind his ‘art meets science’ research program at TRIUMF and sampled his sound art creations.

20 August 2015 -  Jonathan Zhang was awarded the Erich Vogt First Year Student Research Experience fellowship, which gives outstanding first year students hands-on experience on a summer research project here at TRIUMF.

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