TRIUMF Science Week 2015 – July 6th-11th

TRIUMF Science Week includes the 4th International ARIEL Science Workshop, the Users' Group AGM, the EEC meetings, and a public lecture at Science World. Register by June 30th!

LHC Ventures into the New Energy Frontier

After a 27-month shutdown, the LHC at CERN is now running stable beam collisions at 13 TeV and delivering physics data! TRIUMF has been integral to Canada's involvement in the ATLAS experiment. ATLAS Experiment © 2014 CERN

Col. Chris Hadfield at TRIUMF

Former Canadian astronaut and commander of the International Space Station Col. Chris Hadfield visited TRIUMF to meet with researchers, tour the lab, and learn about the latest science breakthroughs. Click through to listen to our interview with Hadfield.

NSERC Brockhouse Prize Honours CycloMed99

For their outstanding success in realizing a safe and reliable solution for medical isotope production, the interdisciplinary research team CycloMed99 received the NSERC Brockhouse Prize. Photo: NSERC

"Research at Work"

Vancouver-based photographers participated in TRIUMF's 3rd Photowalk. The winning photos – as voted by scientists, jury and social media – will be on exhibit at Science World February 6-24. Credit: Justin Lee

Instrument Explores Properties of Rare Isotopes

GRIFFIN, a state-of-the-art instrument, probes the atomic nucleus and studies the interactions between the constituent protons and neutrons.Photo by Sean Birch.

Canadian Team Brings Solution to Tc-99m Crisis

With a decentralized production method, a safe supply chain of Tc-99m can be secured for Canadian patients and the threat of a medical isotope shortage is removed.

Seizing Canada's Moment

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Minister of State (S&T) Ed Holder announced the release of an updated federal science, technology and innovation strategy, with a clear vision for Canadian excellence.

ARIEL to Expand our Range of Isotopes

ARIEL will increase TRIUMF's capabilities for producing beams of rare isotopes. These isotopes will be used to study the nature of stars, where the elements come from, and how complex patterns arise from relatively simple building blocks.

IsoSiM Enriches Young Researchers

Led by TRIUMF and UBC, with funding from the NSERC CREATE Initiative, the Isotopes for Science and Medicine program will enrich training experiences for young Canadian researchers.


17 June 2015 -  Science World and TRIUMF welcome SNOLAB's Dr. Chris Jillings to the Unveiling the Universe lecture series on Tuesday July 7. His talk, “The Search for Dark Matter or How to Know the Universe from a Hole in the Ground,” will shine a light on the worldwide search for dark matter.

04 June 2015 -  CERN’s Large Hadron Collider started delivering physics data for the first time after a 27-month shutdown for upgrades yesterday morning. TRIUMF has been integral to Canada's involvement in the ATLAS experiment.

01 June 2015 -  Congratulations to the successful CFI proposals led by the University of Victoria for ARIEL, Carleton University for ATLAS, the University of Calgary for ALPHA, and the University of Guelph for GRIFFIN.

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Research Highlights

19 June 2015 -  The Isotopes for Science and Medicine (IsoSiM) program will continue to further their goal of training multidisciplinary scientists through their first ever summer school, hosted at TRIUMF from June 22 to June 30.

09 June 2015 -  Exploiting the world-leading intensity of ISAC’s Lithium-11 beams, the IRIS experiment observes soft dipole resonance and publishes first results in Physical Review Letters.

08 June 2015 -  Physicist Elizabeth Padilla-Rodal hopes to strengthen the collaborative environment in low energy nuclear physics research between TRIUMF and her home institution in Mexico.

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