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Graduate Student and Post-Doc Program

Graduate students and post-doctoral fellows are extremely valuable members of the TRIUMF community and make indispensable contributions to advancing the laboratory's research activities and mission. TRIUMF strives to offer postdocs and graduate students with exceptional opportunities for research training and career development in a lively and interactive environment.

Graduate Students and Postdocs Society

The Graduate Student and Postdoc Society (GAPS) is the primary social and professional development vehicle for TRIUMF's graduate students and postdocs. GAPS is committed to fostering a sense of community among the graduate students and postdocs, and developing an infrastructure to support their needs.

Isotopes for Science, Industry and Medicine Program

IsoSiM is a collaborative effort by TRIUMF & UBC to advance students’ understanding of the importance of isotopes in various areas of study, from nuclear physics to medical imaging and beyond. Graduate students form the majority of IsoSIM participants

Thesis Opportunities

This site is under construction.

In the interim, please refer to the this page for a list of research topics at TRIUMF, and contact the Science Division administrator for further enquiries.

Job Opportunities

TRIUMF Job Search Resources
Post-Doc Job Listings @ TRIUMF
* GAPS job listings page
Mitacs Accelerate (grad students)
* Mitacs Elevate (post-docs)
* GoResearch (graduates and post-docs)

 Also see the UBC PhD Outcomes Report 2017


Graduate Awards and Fellowships

TRIUMF offers awards for graduate students conducting their research at our world class facilities


International Graduate Students

Graduate students from around the world come to TRIUMF to further their research careers. In general if the student's supervisor is a TRIUMF user, then it is possible for the student to come to TRIUMF.

TRIUMF also liaises with a variety of organizations to faciliate and coordinate research opportunities for international students. It is also possible for international students to do research at TRIUMF outside of the programs covered by those agencies.

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