ALPHA-Canada Members

Faculty & Staff
  • Mario Michan (TRIUMF) 
Graduate Students
  • Andrea Gutierrez (UBC)
  • Andrea Capra (York)
  • Nathan Evetts (UBC)

Professional Support

  • Pierre Amadruz (TRIUMF, DAQ)
  • Peter Bennet (TRIUMF, Electronics)
  • Daryl Bishop (TRIUMF, Electronics)
  • Raymond Bula (TRIUMF, Detectors)
  • Steve Chan (TRIUMF, Scintilllator Shop)
  • Brian Evans (TRUIUMF, Electronics)
  • Kevin Langton (TRIUMF, Electronics)
  • Chris Pearson (TRIUMF, DAQ)
  • Jean-Pierre Martin (Monteal, DAQ)
  • Cam Marshall (TRIUMF, cryo-engineering)
  • Daniel Rowbotham (TRIUMF, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Peter Vincent (TRIUMF, Detectors)
  • Hubert Hui (TRIUMF, Electronics)
  • Martin O'Keane (UBC, Mechanical Engineering)

ALPHA-Canada Responsibilites

  • Si Vertex Detector Electronics
  • Scintilation Detectors
  • Data Acquistion System
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • On-Line and off-line software
  • Antihydrogen detection analysis
  • Microwave spectroscopy
  • Antimatter plasma diagnotics 
  • Atom Trap cryostat
  • Penning trap electronics 
  • Lyman-alpha laser
  • Laser cooling of antihydrogen


Former Postdoc & Students 

  • Tim Friesen (Calgary, now postdoc at Aarhus)
  • Mohammad Ashkezari (SFU, Now postdoc at Amherst)
  • Simone Stracker (TRIUMF, now at Univ. of Pisa)
  • Richard Hydomako (Calgary, now Data Scientist industry)
  • James Storey (TRIUMF, now faculty at Univ. of Bern)
  • Chanpreet Amole (York, now Ph.D. at Queens)
  • Sarah Seif El Nasr (UBC, now a Marie-Curie Fellow at CERN)
  • Carter Kolbeck (Regina, now at Univ. of Waterloo)
  • Lee Wasilenko (UBC)
  • Winnie Lai (UBC, now a CEO of a venture firm

ALPHA Collaboration Meeting, April 2010, at TRIUMF, Vancouver, Canada

   ALPHA Collaboration Meeting, April 2008, at TRIUMF, Vancouver