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Project Management



Empowering TRIUMF to do the right work with the right resources

at the right time to get the right results.

Slides of October 19 2016 Town Hall Information Session on Project Governance



TRIUMF has established a Project Governance framework.  In this framework, the allocation of any TRIUMF resource will be keyed to a specific project or commitment on an official Commitment List that has been approved by Senior Management and the Director.


Project Governance TSOP

The details of the project governance framework are captured in the TSOP-15. This is the definitive document describing how projects are governed at TRIUMF.


Project Approval Criteria

For a project to be approved it must satisfy the set of criteria given in the Project Approval Criteria document.


The Project Initiation Sheet

The first step in initiating a new project at TRIUMF is to submit a Project Initiation Sheet to the Chair of the Project Management Oversight Group. The forms and instructions for filling them out are available through the above link.


TRIUMF Commitments

All projects and ongoing operational commitments at TRIUMF are on the Commitment List. Only commitments on this list can access TRIUMF resources. The current up to date version is available online.

Additional oversight, coordination, and prioritization will be provided for specific smaller projects (space related, Shutdown, Science Technology, Information Systems & Technologies, Conferences) as part of operational commitments


Gate Review Mandates

As outlined in the project management TSOP, each project must go through a series of Gate and Status reviews. Generic mandates for the different reviews can be found through the above link.


Project Management Oversight Group (PMOG)

This group resolves problems in projects, trouble-shoots issues,  is responsible for the general implementation and oversight of the project management system, and is a resource for project leaders.


Time Sheet Instructions

An important part of resource management at TRIUMF are time sheets. They must be filled out by all TRIUMF employees at the end of each month.  Link to timesheet tool.




 Tracking Number

Each commitment, either project or operational, has associated with it a unique tracking number. This number, as its name implies, is used for tracking. All requests for TRIUMF resources are to be tied to the tracking numbers. This includes Requests for Engineering Assistance (REAs), Request for Detector Facility Assistance and any similar requests.


Work Request System

TRIUMF uses a centralized work request system to manage requests for support from all engineering groups; this will eventually be extended to all support groups on site. The link to that system



Risks and Hazards

 In the language of project management risk refers to anythings that can cause the project to be over budget or behind schedule. A good discussion can be found in the ARIEL documentation.

In contrast a hazard refers to anything that can effect human safety or the environment.

Skills Listing

The listing of the skills at TRIUMF suitable for the Project Charter and Commitment Summary Sheets.