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ATG Cyclotrons

At the centre of ATG are our three cyclotrons.  They provide the flexibility and redundacy to meet the isotope production requirements of BWXT and their customers.


CP42 Cyclotron


The oldest cyclotron at ATG is the CP42.  Manufactured by The Cyclotron Corporation in Berkely, California, it was installed at TRIUMF in 1982.  CP42 is capable of producing a 200 µA proton beam current at energies ranging from 15-42 MeV.

TR30-1 Cyclotron


The production capability of ATG was increased in 1990 with the installation of our first TR30 cyclotron, now called TR30-1.  Designed by TRIUMF and built by EBCO (now Advanced Cyclotron Systems) the TR30 cyclotrons are able to produce 1 mA of beam at energies from 15-30 MeV. 



ATG's next expansion came in 2001 with the installation of TR30-2, a refinement of the original TR30 design also built by ASCI.  Among several operational improvements is an increase in beam current to 1.2 mA.