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International Peer Review 2013

Every five years, TRIUMF undergoes a comprehensive review and evaluation to assess its performance, progress, and plans for the future.  This exercise provides valuable input and guidance to choices that federal and provincial governments will make regarding investments in the next five-year plan.

TRIUMF's steward in the Government of Canada is National Research Council Canada (NRC).  Core operating funds for TRIUMF flow through NRC via a five-year Contribution Agreement.  In preparation for considering Five-Year Plan 2015-2020, NRC's Office of Audit and Evaluation is leading the review of TRIUMF according to Treasury Board guidelines based on the Financial Administration Act passed by Parliament in 2008.  The year-long evaluation culminates in the establishment of an International Peer Review Committee (IPRC) which reviews documents, analyzes other reports, and visits the laboratory for several days.  The IPRC will hold its site visit to TRIUMF on November 13-15, 2013.

This website provides central and easy access to information about the International Peer Review (IPR) and plans for the site visit as well as the IPRC Membership and Terms of Reference.

Update from 20 November, 2013: An article published about the IPR Site Visit available.