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The Laser Ion Source & Polarizer Group (in short T_RILIS), now (2013) called "Laser Applications" is part of the Accelerator Division's - Ion Sources & Targets R&D Group. Its mandate is ion-source and radioactive-ion-beam (RIB) related R&D and RILIS operation for RIB delivery to the ISAC nuclear- & particle-physics programs, as well as the RIB based materials- and life-science programs.

The group operates from 3 laser laboratory locations with: (i) two on-line laser ion source laboratories (T_RILIS and A_LIS), (ii) off-line laser ion source test stand & laser lab, and (iii) polarizer laser lab.

Its tools are: ns-pulsed, high repetition rate, tuneable titanium:sapphire lasers (TiSa) and continuous, high-resolution, frequency offset locked ring-dye-laser systems, with the associated instrumentation and diagnostics.

NOTE: currently recruiting MSc. and PhD. students (for 2022/3)

NOTE: currently recruiting a post doctoral resaerch associate to work with TRILIS & polarizer development

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