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Laser Applications Group aka. Resonant Ionization Laser Ion Source

The Laser Ion Source & Polarized Beams group (in short T_RILIS) is now called "Laser Applications"  group within the Ion Sources & Targets R&D department of TRIUMF accelerator division. Its mission is to provide radioactive ion beams (RIB) at highest efficiency and intensity, as well as nuclear spin polarized RIB.  To that end the laser applications group operates beam delivery facilities (i) resonant ioinzation laser ion sources, and (ii) the polarizer, a collinear fast beam laser spectroscopy beamline for optical pumping and spin polarization. About 75% of all delivered RIB are currently laser ionized. 

The group's placement in the targets & ion sources departement is natural, as we work at the interface of isotope production targets, ion sources, RIB delivery, and user experiments.

To provide high intensity and purity RIB to the ISAC nuclear- & particle-physics programs, as well as the RIB based materials- and life-science programs R&D is critical. This is done at off-line test facilities and on-line with RIB to (a) develop new, improved laser resonance ionization, (b) ion sources, (c) develop new spin polarized beams. In order to succeed in these endeavours, laser spectroscopy on stable and radioactive species is performed.

The group operates 3 laser laboratory locations with: (1) two on-line laser ion source laboratories (T_RILIS and A_LIS), (2) off-line laser ion source test stand & laser lab, and (3) polarizer laser lab.

Its tools are  gropued into (I) ns-pulsed, high repetition rate, tuneable titanium:sapphire lasers (TiSa), (II) narrow linewidth, continuous wave ring-dye-laser and titanium:sapphire laser systems, with the associated instrumentation and diagnostics, and (III) test ion sources, mass spectrometers and spectroscopy apparata.

NOTE (1): currently recruiting interested, motivated MSc. and PhD. students (for 2024/27)

NOTE (2): currently recruiting a post doctoral resaerch associate to take on TRILIS & polarizer development. The position is intended for the incument to build their research portfolio in resonance ionization as well as laser spectroscopy - lasers in nuclear physics.

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