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Resonant Ionization Schemes R&D

Resonant laser excitation and ionization schemes can be classified into schemes that (i) use a non-resonant ionization step, and (ii) ones that resonantly excite into either a high lying atomic Rydberg- state, or into an auto-ionizing state. The latter process in general yields by far the highest ionization efficiencies.


Development Off-Line

Ca (non-resonant completed 2010 -Teigelhoefer/Li)

resonant AI off-line 2014 Heggen/Zhao/Raeder

on-line  TBD

Sb (completed 2011 - Teigelhoefer/Li)

on-line  TBD

Sc (completed)

on-line TBD

Y (completed - Teigelhoefer, Abboud)

Cd (completed 2013 - Teigelhoefer/Heggen)

Tm (completed 2017 Mostamand/Li/Romans)


astatine (Nov./Dec. 2010)

At-199 (Sept.2011) S1237

At-isotope chain IG-LIS (Dec.2013)

standard RILIS (2014)

calcium (Dec. 2010)  


germanium (Jul. 2011)

S1341 Ge/Ga71  completed

43 technetium

demonstrated on-line

21 scandium

no Sc release from UCx

225 actinium (Sept&Dec. 2011, Sept 2012)

88 Ra-225 (Dec. 2011 / Jan. 2015)

25 manganese (2012)

RILIS scheme demonstrated on-line

29 zinc (2012)

RILIS scheme demonstrated on-line


30 copper (2012)

RILIS scheme demonstrated on-line

84 polonium   (Sept. 2012)

demonstrated on-line post irradiation in-source spectroscopy & IP measured

48 cadmium  

on-line IG-LIS  (Dec.2013)


66 dysprosium (June 2013)

demonstrated on-line, high isobaric background -> IG-LIS required

67 holmium    (June 2013)

demonstrated on-line, high isobaric background -> IG-LIS required

38 strontium    (July 2013 / 2014)

UCx #6 online 94Sr delivery to TIGRESS (3x enhancement over Re surface)