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TRIUMF Users Group

What is TUG?

The TRIUMF Users Group (TUG) is an organization whose members (Users) have a special interest in the use of TRIUMF’s infrastructure and facilities for the purpose of conducting research, developing technology, utilizing resources (e.g., experimental facilities, access to rare isotope beams, etc.) and/or interacting with personnel. As such, for decades TUG has been the forum for users to liaise with TRIUMF Management.  In addition, TUG is an entity responsive to the representations of its members for offering advice and counsel to the TRIUMF management on operating policy and facilities.

Joining TUG

Becoming a member of the TRIUMF Users Group is free and is open to all TRIUMF users in all TRIUMF disciplines.

At present, to join the TRIUMF User's Group (TUG), please subscribe to the mailing list via

Executive Committee

The TRIUMF Users’ Group Executive Committee (TUEC) is an elected body of seven members designed to manage the business and affairs of the Users’ Group and to act as  liaison between members of the Users’ Group and TRIUMF.  The Committee consists of a Chair, Past Chair and Chair-Elect, as well as four representatives. 

List of current and past executives (TUECs)

To contact TUEC with any suggestions, comments, or concerns, send an email to

TUG Resources

News and Recent Activities

  • TUG 2021 Survey Results
  • To receive emails on EEC meetings, beam request deadlines, information on beam schedules etc. please subscribe to the Experimental Program Listserve mailing list at this link.