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Experimental Result

Standard Model under Strain?

19 June 2012

An international team of scientists including Canadians has squeezed new results out of the BaBar particle-physics experiment in the U.S.  One analysis shows a slight excess compared to Standard Model predictions.

Experimental Result

Finding the Magic

22 June 2012

An international team of scientists including TRIUMF's Reiner Kruecken have announced success in producing, isolating, and studying the exotic Tin-100 isotope, an atom that is "doubly magic" because it has a special and equal number of protons and neutrons.

Experimental Result

Precise Measurements of Francium Made

12 October 2012

Annika Voss, part of the Laser Spectroscopy Group, writes about a recently completed experiment where the first high-resolution measurement of atomic hyperfine spectra in three new isotopes of Francium were made. 

Experimental Result

Revealing: Science from Art from Science

27 October 2012

Artists in Vancouver have been wrestling with a topic in particle physics; learn about the topic, see their work, and listen to a panel discussion on Nov 1-3 at Emily Carr University at Granville Island.

Experimental Result

With Canadians, T2K Sees Neutrinos Appear

19 July 2013

At today's meeting of the European Physical Society, TRIUMF's Michael Wilking announced a new breakthrough in understanding neutrinos, nature's most elusive particles.

Experimental Result

CERN-ISOLDE Reports Pear-Shaped Nuclei

09 May 2013

CERN's ISOLDE collaboration recently announced progress with analyzing the shapes of heavy, rare isotopes.  TRIUMF's RadonEDM experiment will follow on the heels and is poised for dramatic progress with its Ion-Guide Laser Ion Source.

Experimental Result

AMS Measures Antimatter Excess in Space

04 April 2013

Delving into one of today's greatest mysteries in physics, AMS announced the first results in its search for dark matter.

Student Stories

Carmen's Corner: Protons & Neutrons

13 August 2012