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Student Stories Inspiring Young Aboriginal Scientists 24 July 2013 Taylor is completing a 4-week placement at TRIUMF as part of the annual Emerging Aboriginal Scholars Camp.
Experimental Result With Canadians, T2K Sees Neutrinos Appear 19 July 2013 At today's meeting of the European Physical Society, TRIUMF's Michael Wilking announced a new breakthrough in understanding neutrinos, nature's most elusive particles.
Experimental Result Understanding the Inner Workings of Novae 11 July 2013 TRIUMF’s DRAGON Group has made the first successful observation of the fusion of radioactive 18F with hydrogen, producing19Ne. In time, this will give astrophysicists another way to observe the inner workings of novae.
Experimental Result Curious about Technetium-99m? 20 June 2013 Watch a short video about how TRIUMF & partners are solving the medical isotope shortage of Tc-99m, and making it available to all Canadians.  
Student Stories Collaboration Advances Target Technology 28 May 2013 UBC Mechanical Engineering students collaborated with TRIUMF's Applied Technology Group for a fourth year capstone project- a new universal modular design for target stations within the beam line from the cyclotron. 
Student Stories TRIUMF Awards Top Undergraduates 21 May 2013 Four of Canada's top undergraduate students received this year's TRIUMF Undergraduate Summer Research Awards to honour their dedication and potential in physics and engineering research. 
Experimental Result CERN-ISOLDE Reports Pear-Shaped Nuclei 09 May 2013 CERN's ISOLDE collaboration recently announced progress with analyzing the shapes of heavy, rare isotopes.  TRIUMF's RadonEDM experiment will follow on the heels and is poised for dramatic progress with its Ion-Guide Laser Ion Source.
Experimental Result AMS Measures Antimatter Excess in Space 04 April 2013 Delving into one of today's greatest mysteries in physics, AMS announced the first results in its search for dark matter.
Experimental Result Cyclotron Winter Shutdown 02 April 2013 It's that time of the year again when the once energetic paperclips lie limp atop of our Meson Hall's tables while TRIUMF’s cyclotron is turned off for major maintenance activities.
Experimental Result Looking for Wrong-Handed Neutrinos 18 March 2013 TRINAT examines decaying particles as they change from one state to another to address possible holes in the Standard Model of particle physics.


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