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Experimental Result

With Canadians, T2K Sees Neutrinos Appear

19 July 2013

At today's meeting of the European Physical Society, TRIUMF's Michael Wilking announced a new breakthrough in understanding neutrinos, nature's most elusive particles.

Experimental Result

CERN-ISOLDE Reports Pear-Shaped Nuclei

09 May 2013

CERN's ISOLDE collaboration recently announced progress with analyzing the shapes of heavy, rare isotopes.  TRIUMF's RadonEDM experiment will follow on the heels and is poised for dramatic progress with its Ion-Guide Laser Ion Source.

Experimental Result

AMS Measures Antimatter Excess in Space

04 April 2013

Delving into one of today's greatest mysteries in physics, AMS announced the first results in its search for dark matter.

Student Stories

Carmen's Corner: Protons & Neutrons

13 August 2012

During her last week at TRIUMF, Carmen spent time wtih Conny Hoehr to learn about proton therapy and the PIF & NIF facility. 

Experimental Result

X-Ray Laser Penetrates Stellar Mystery

13 December 2012

Experimental work from TRIUMF fed into a U.S. DOE experiment that has shed light on the role of highly-charged iron isotopes in stellar evolution.

Experimental Result

Higgs Boson: Quo Vadis

12 March 2013

Flashforward! Since the discovery last July, TRIUMF ATLAS and CMS researchers are flourishing with data, analyzing  results, and continue to decipher the Higgs boson particle puzzle.

Experimental Result

A Medical Isotope First at ISAC

21 October 2013

For the first time ever, Astatine-209 was successfully recovered from TRIUMF's ISAC facility for use in nuclear medicine, a breakthrough in theranostic isotope research. 

Student Stories

Former Student Builds Mini Accelerator

02 April 2012

Former TRIUMF student, Nick Zacchia, had a hand in creating a miniature electron accelerator for his Capstone project at Concordia University.

Student Stories

TRIUMF Awards Top Undergraduates

21 May 2013

Four of Canada's top undergraduate students received this year's TRIUMF Undergraduate Summer Research Awards to honour their dedication and potential in physics and engineering research. 

Experimental Result

Accelerators: Potato Chips to Power Plants

07 July 2014

From the low energy electrons in CRT monitors to the tremendous near-light speed protons of the LHC, particle accelerators are everywhere. Accelerators are more commonplace than you might expect, with applications ranging from manufacturing to energy production to agriculture.