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Experimental Result CERN-ISOLDE Reports Pear-Shaped Nuclei 09 May 2013 CERN's ISOLDE collaboration recently announced progress with analyzing the shapes of heavy, rare isotopes.  TRIUMF's RadonEDM experiment will follow on the heels and is poised for dramatic progress with its Ion-Guide Laser Ion Source.
Experimental Result AMS Measures Antimatter Excess in Space 04 April 2013 Delving into one of today's greatest mysteries in physics, AMS announced the first results in its search for dark matter.
Experimental Result Cyclotron Winter Shutdown 02 April 2013 It's that time of the year again when the once energetic paperclips lie limp atop of our Meson Hall's tables while TRIUMF’s cyclotron is turned off for major maintenance activities.
Experimental Result Looking for Wrong-Handed Neutrinos 18 March 2013 TRINAT examines decaying particles as they change from one state to another to address possible holes in the Standard Model of particle physics.
Experimental Result Higgs Boson: Quo Vadis 12 March 2013 Flashforward! Since the discovery last July, TRIUMF ATLAS and CMS researchers are flourishing with data, analyzing  results, and continue to decipher the Higgs boson particle puzzle.
Experimental Result The Shape of Things to Come 09 February 2013 A U.S.-Canadian team including TRIUMF scientists has used the 8pi detector to study how an exotic nuclei (Zr-94) can take on widely different shapes; the results have been published in Phys. Rev. Lett.
Experimental Result Magic at the Interface 18 January 2013 Researchers have used TRIUMF's β-NMR facility to study phenomena that arise when different materials are sandwiched together in thin slices.  The result was published in Phys. Rev. Letters.
Experimental Result Making Anti-Hydrogen Cool(er) 06 January 2013 A science paper co-authored by TRIUMF scientist Makoto Fujiwara predicts that new techniques planned for the ALPHA experiment will allow anti-hydrogen atoms to cooled with 10x greater effectiveness than previously.
Experimental Result X-Ray Laser Penetrates Stellar Mystery 13 December 2012 Experimental work from TRIUMF fed into a U.S. DOE experiment that has shed light on the role of highly-charged iron isotopes in stellar evolution.
Experimental Result Revealing: Science from Art from Science 27 October 2012 Artists in Vancouver have been wrestling with a topic in particle physics; learn about the topic, see their work, and listen to a panel discussion on Nov 1-3 at Emily Carr University at Granville Island.


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