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'New Student' Information

On your first day of work, you will participate in an orientation to TRIUMF.  Slides from this orientation are linked below.

This day will consist of talks and presentations that will help you get started at TRIUMF and will provide you with important information regarding your work term at TRIUMF.

Some of the information covered in the orientation includes:

  • Introduction to TRIUMF and our programs,
  • Security information
  • Industrial Safety and training
  • Radiation badges and access to the TRIUMF site
  • Computer information
  • Student programs at TRIUMF
  • Payroll information

We will also provide coffee/tea, cold drinks and goodies.

After a lunch break, where you can purchase lunch from our Hot Spot Cafe, or bring your own, you will go on a tour of TRIUMF site.

Your supervisor will pick you up after the tour, and show you more specifics of your work, including location, team members etc.  You will also be required to come back to the reception area at a designated time to have your photo taken for your access card. This card gives you access to TRIUMF through any doors that have the entry pad, and provides access through our badge room (main access to the site behind the fence - radiation badges must be worn at all times in this area).

General introduction presentation by Reiner Kruecken - from a previous term - will be interesting for new students.

Student Orientation by Jim Hanlon and Dana Giasson - general student info, payroll, plus administration, governence and safety.

Industrial Safety presentation

Computing at TRIUMF by Kelvin Raywood