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Student Lecture Series

(usually) Wednesdays and Fridays at 10 am

The Student Seminars are presented by TRIUMF staff scientists and researchers from our associated Universities.  The seminars span topics related to the TRIUMF research program, including theoretical and experimental physics,  engineering, and  technology. Some seminars cover classroom style material on 'key concepts' of particle, nuclear or accelerator physics.

The seminars are aimed for an undergraduate audience, but all TRIUMF staff are welcome to attend.

Pro-D Workshops

In addition, professional development workshops will be offered at various dates throughout the term, covering such topics as project management, business, and presentation skills.

Coffee and snacks are offered prior to the seminars and workshops. Undergraduate students are encouraged to self-organize and supply adidtional snacks for the talks.

Winter 2018 Student Lecture Schedule- Coming Soon!

Seminar Series Slides