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Office of Research Services

The TRIUMF Office of Research Services (ORS) provides administrative support for researchers to attract and manage their funding, and to formalize their collaborations.

The ORS will assist you with reviewing grant proposals, obtaining institutional signatures on grant applications, setting up and reviewing research agreements or contracts, transferring research funds to collaborators at other institutions, obtaining approvals for animal studies and more.

Contact the ORS if you need assistance with any of the following:

  • Developing research proposals
  • Reviewing grant/funding program requirements
  • Obtaining an institutional signature for a grant application
  • Transferring research funds to collaborators at another institution
  • Transferring research funds from another institution to TRIUMF.
  • Finding funding
  • Drafting, reviewing and finalizing research agreements, e.g.: confidentiality agreements, MOUs, collaboration agreements, material transfer agreements, research contracts/subcontracts, etc.
  • Obtaining guidance on intellectual property and compliance issues

Major Grant/Award Deadlines: 


Internal Deadline*Agency Deadline

NFRF: Exploration 2024

NOI: Aug 13, 2024

Application: Oct 15, 2024

NOI:Aug 27, 2024

Application:Nov 15, 2024

Mitacs Accelerate (for students and Post-docs) *

Mitacs Elevate*

Two weeks prior to submission. 

No explicit deadline; applications accepted anytime.

NSERC: Alliance grants including Advantage, SocietyInternational**, and Alliance-Mitacs Accelerate

Two weeks prior to submission. No explicit deadline; applications are accepted anytime.

Pacific Can: Regional Quantum Initiative

Two weeks prior to submission. 

No explicit deadline; applications are accepted anytime.

  For more major grant information, please read this page.

  *contact the ORS to confirm student eligibility and request for signature before submission.

  ** The NSERC Alliance International Collaboration program requires applicants to apply within 3 months after their international collaborators have secured their funding from a national funding agency, similar to NSERC, NFRF, CIHR or CFI (in the U.S., the equivalent would be NSF, NIH or DOE). The source of this matching funding CANNOT be from a private foundation or a university’s endowment or other internal sources.

Grant Submission Process

For most funding opportunities, NOI/LOI (PDF format) and full application should be reviewed by ORS prior to submission. Please send your draft to ORS and RGO (Petr Navratil) by the internal deadline and submitted to the funding agency through the relevant online portal by the agency deadline. The time between the internal deadline and the agency deadline can be used to incorporate feedback and make other minor changes to the NOI/LOI and full application.

If the internal deadline is not listed on the ORS webpage or communicated via email, it is 2 weeks prior to the agency deadline. If the funding program you're applying to requires the RGO to forward your submission to the funding agency (e.g. NSERC DG/SAP Full Application Stage, NFRF NOI and Full Application Stage), then the documents should still be submitted via email in PDF form by the internal deadline, and also submitted to the RGO via the online portal 48 hrs in advance of the agency deadline to ensure it is approved and forwarded to the agency to ensure timely submission to the funding agency.

For CFI or JELF Proposals

Large projects are required to submit a Project Initiation Sheet for gate review. More information is available from Project Management at TRIUMF.

Grant Proposal Development

For resources on incorporating Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in your research programs and proposals, as well as other grant writing tips on research impact and early career researchers, please click here.

Obtain a TRIUMF Signature:

For grant submission:

A signature on a grant application is legally binding and confirms the signatory's agreement and consent to a number of explicit and implied responsibilities that vary with their role at TRIUMF. See Meaning of Signatures in Grant Submissions.

NOTE: For any application with TRIUMF personnel as a lead or co-applicant, at the full application stage, a TRIUMF Research Project Summary Form, signed by the relevant Division Director, has to be submitted to TRIUMF's RGO for internal review and approval by the respective internal deadlines. For co-applicants who are adjuncts at universities, please ensure that you request your university's approval of your participation on the application by having the university's RGO or equivalent send an email to TRIUMF RGO.

For agreements:

The ORS can assist you with reviewing and obtaining TRIUMF's signature on agreements such as:

  • Collaborative Research Agreements with industry partners
  • Inter-institutional agreements (CFI or other)
  • Transfer of funds agreements (subawards)
  • Supply or Service agreements
  • Non-funding agreements (e.g. memorandum of understanding, confidentiality agreements, copyright license, material transfer agreements, equipment transfer, etc.)

Please contact the ORS if you receive an agreement for signature, or to request that we draft an agreement. To limit risks to TRIUMF, and to ensure compliance with TRIUMF's obligations towards the NRC, other funding agencies, etc., we must review all agreements before obtaining an authorized signature. For additional information, see "Signing Authority Policy" below.

Meet Compliance Requirements:

Why is this important? 

As a recipient of research funding from various sponsors as well as the Contribution Agreement from the NRC, TRIUMF is required to ensure that all research and sponsored funding is used in accordance with sponsors' guidelines, including all legal (e.g. intellectual property), regulatory, and ethical requirements. This compliance is essential for TRIUMF to maintain its eligibility to hold and apply for research and sponsor funds, and is made possible only by the continued cooperation of our grant holders.

Trade Compliance Resources:

Research that involves providing/receiving materials or data to/from locations outside of Canada, or to non-Canadian citizens, may be subject to export or import controls. Information about export/import controls, the Controlled Goods Program, and more, can be found on the TRIUMF Trade Compliance website. Questions should be directed to

Relevant TRIUMF Policies 

The following links to policies can only be accessed via DocuShare. You will need to be on the TRIUMF network or logged in to VPN.

Contact ORS

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Resource and form

  • TRIUMF Research Project Summary Form (Download)
  • Full list of upcoming grant deadlines (Updated Aug 2023) (Download)

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Contact Information

Ann Fong

Head, Office of Research Services

Petr Navratil

Interm Director, Physical Sciences Division and Research Grants Officer

Cynthia Reis

Senior Global Trade and Research Security Compliance Officer


Francis Pau

Grants Accountant (Finance)

Aston Sze

Grants Writer (On Contract)


604-222-1047 ext. 7660



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