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Project Management



Projects enable TRIUMF to fulfill its strategic objectives in a systematic way



TRIUMF has established a Project Governance framework (TSOP-15).

See this presentation for an overview of project management (and systems engineering) at TRIUMF.



TSOP-15 describes how TRIUMF projects are governed.


Project Management Office (PMO)

The large projects at TRIUMF will have dedicated project managers and/or coordinators.  The PMO is their group.  The PMO also provides guidance and a toolkit for all of the part-time project leaders and managers at TRIUMF.


The Project Initiation Sheet

The first step in initiating a new project at TRIUMF is to submit a Project Initiation Sheet to, so that the Project Management Oversight Group (PMOG) can hold a Gate 0 review. It is at Gate 0 that PMOG decides if the project has merit for TRIUMF and can proceed to the Project Definition stage. 


TRIUMF Commitments

All projects and ongoing operational commitments at TRIUMF are on the Commitment List. Only commitments on this list can access TRIUMF resources. The commitment list can be downloaded from Agresso (go to Reports\Global Reports\Project Management)

Shutdown projects have their separate list of commitments.


Review report template

As outlined in TSOP-15, there is a template for a gate review report, which includes criteria for each gate review.


Project Management Oversight Group (PMOG)

This group resolves problems in projects, trouble-shoots issues,  is responsible for the general implementation and oversight of the project management system, and is a resource for project leaders.  PMOG typically meets bi-weekly and may invite project leaders or managers to provide a status update on their project.  PMOG's terms of reference are here.


Time Sheet Instructions

An important part of resource management at TRIUMF are time sheets. They must be filled out by all TRIUMF employees at the end of each month.  Link to timesheet tool.


 Template for special CFI review report

For proponents that want to submit a project proposal to CFI, which involves TRIUMF facilities or resources, then there is a special review to be held after a successful Gate 1 review, where TRIUMF will review the proposal and the readiness for submission to CFI.  This review has a template for the report, which includes criteria.

Project Management Toolkit

Go to Collection-21886 for templates, tools and guides:

- Template for Microsoft Project schedule

- TRIUMF resource pool (to be used for Microsoft Project schedules)

- Link to on-line training for Microsoft Project, made by the TRIUMF PMO

- Templates for project plans, hazard analysis, risk register

- Examples of system block diagrams and work breakdown structure


Quarterly Review of Projects and Priorities

Every three months, project leader present a status update to PMOG.  Then PMOG will prioritize projects, to help line managers make resource allocation decisions.  The is the current prioritization: Document-219289


Contact info

For more information or if you have any questions, contact Eric Guetre, Director Project Management, or email