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TRIUMF Telephone Audioconferencing


TRIUMF uses Momentum Conferencing to provide telephone audioconference services. This is a reservationless system; each person who wishes to host audioconferences can have a participant passcode and moderator passcode set up, and can start an audioconference without conflicting with other audioconference hosts.

To request audioconference access codes, please contact Sharina Duprey via telephone helpdesk; be sure to include your TRIUMF Account and Sub-Account.

Once you have a Momentum Conferencing participant code, you (and other participants in your conference) can join an audioconference by following these steps:

Dial a Momentum Conferencing access point:

  • From TRIUMF and elsewhere in the 604 dialing area, from the 416 dialing area (Toronto), and from elsewhere in North America, call (toll-free) 1-866-687-5336.
  • If you need to connect from other international locations, please refer to the International Toll-Free Numbers list.

Dial the participant passcode to indicate which audioconference you wish to start or join:

  • The participant passcode must be known by all those who are to participate in your conference. Please inform all participants ahead of time of this passcode.

Only if you are the moderator, dial the moderator passcode to start the conference:

  • The conference code and moderator code will be permanently assigned to you. You will use the same moderator code for all conferences you hold in future. Do not give anyone else your moderator passcode. If anyone else wishes to host an audioconference, they should obtain their own passcodes.

Your audioconference will then be started, and will normally terminate when the moderator hangs up. Other more advanced conference options are available; refer to the Momentum Conferencing Guide (PDF) for information on what other options are available.

At any time, you can manage your passcodes and monitor your usage from the Momentum Audioconferencing website; choose "Online Account Management - Log In Here" in the right-hand "Actions" list.

Please go to Client Resource and Support Centre for assistance.


TRIUMF currently supports 3 video protocols:

  • EVO on a PC, common in High Energy Physics
  • H.323 on an appliance, common in commercial environments
  • VRVS on a PC, now replaced by EVO

ISDN (H.321) is no longer supported.

See TRIUMF Meeting Room Capabilities.

For room booking (by TRIUMF personnel), see the Room Reservation Page.

For help using the systems, see Andrew Daviel (, tel. 7376


The server is used to webcast certain events using RealNetworks video streaming. An archive of recorded events is available. Please see the link for details.

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