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Office of Environment Health and Safety

 The role of the Office of Environment Health and Safety is to advise management and formulate policy with regard to work place safety, radiation safety and environmental protection. The office of EH&S formulates, implements and reviews safety programs to ensure that, at all times, a safe and accident free work place environment is provided for TRIUMF staff and to safeguard the impact of TRIUMF operation for members of the public and the environment.
The Office of EH&S includes groups responsible for: conventional safety - Occupational Health and Safety;  radiation safety - Radiation Protection Group;  and radiation safety systems - Safety Systems Group.

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Occupational Health and Safety

The Occupational Health & Safety Officer is responsible for administering the Occupational Health & Safety program at TRIUMF. The primary function is staff training in the policies and procedures adopted by TRIUMF management and the external regulatory requirements for achieving good hygiene and personnel safety, and auditing for conformance to these standards. OH&S is responsible for maintaining the information data base for potentially hazardous materials and devices and for providing advice and assistance on the procurement and use of protective supplies and equipment. OH&S is responsible for administering all emergency response programs, including First Aid, and acts as the primary liaison with the WorkSafe B.C. and The Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services.

Safety Systems Group

The SSG is responsible for functional requirements, conceptual design and regulatory compliance for Radiation Safety Systems (RSS).  These systems protect personnel from radiation due to accelerator operation and generally consist of at least two separate sub-systems:  an Access Control Interlock System (ACIS) to keep people away from areas where prompt radiation levels are expected to be high during accelerator operation and a Radiation Monitoring System (RMS) to measure and limit prompt radiation levels in accessible areas outside shielding and barriers.

Radiation Protection Group

The RPG has a broad range of responsibilities related to radiation safety, emissions and environmental monitoring, and radioactive materials handling. These responsibilities include: monitoring radiological conditions and maintaining practices to ensure a safe workplace for personnel; providing training in radiation safety to TRIUMF workers; monitoring and characterizing emissions to assess the environmental impact of TRIUMF Operations; and managing radioactive materials including radioactive sources, activated accelerator components and radioactive waste.